Blocks Bungie Xbox Blocks and PC Destiny Players from PS4-Exclusive Armored fittings after they've bought

Today, Bungie called it a step to stop players from Xbox One and PC from using the amazing PS4 Wavesplitter rifle rifle after. T Destiny 2A traveling salesman sold Xur, without a military footage, last weekend.

“We are investigating the issue of the Sony Wavesplitter device from Xûr on Xbox and PC,” said community manager Bungie, Cozmo, today at the game forum. “We're currently working on a repair machine. In the meantime, Xbox and PC players who can get the weapons will be able to use it. After the conditions live, it remains in their charts, but it cannot be equipped so that these weapons enter the normal 1999 single generation pool. ”

Since it was first launched Success in 2014, the publisher Activision has been with Sony to make weapons, strike and playlists for the playStation 4, often for a year if not longer. The practice continued Destiny 2and although we have not yet identified if the developer will keep up with Bungie after breaking it with Activision in January this year, the latest situation is still there.

There is at least Bungie without making decisions on Wavesplitters from Xbox One and PC. They will probably still be able to store them in their ears, sometimes watching them until the last day they will be seen again.

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