Newsome of California thanked Trump for help with fire, says climate change contributes to explosions

President Trump and the Government of California. Gavin Newsom got together on Monday to discuss the wildlife of the Golden State and the West.

While the Democratic governor acknowledged that he had very different views when it comes to climate change and the role in this year’s historic fire, Newsom kept partisan politics during the meeting, thanking Trump for helping the state with federal help Has received to counter. Blot and warn that there is still a lot of work to be done as the fire keeps growing.

“I want to thank you and immediately acknowledge the work you have done in your response,” Newsrom told Trump during the meeting at Sacramento McClellan Airport. He said help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency is “deeply important.”

At the end of August urging on Newsom, Trump approved a disaster declaration for California and ordered federal funds to be directed to the state.

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In California, about 17,000 firefighters are battling 29 major wildfires. The blasts have destroyed 4,100 buildings since mid-August and 22 people have died in the state. The fire has engulfed 3.3 million acres in California this year – an area larger in size than Connecticut.

While wildfires – and climate change overall – have been a major source of tension between Newsome and Trump, Trump blamed California for poor forest management. The president has also called on Newsom to “clean” or rake the rubble forest floor, suggesting the state implement state-controlled waters.

The president reiterated on Monday that California needed to do better forest management – a comment that Newsom accepted.

“We haven’t done justice to our forest management,” Newsom said. “We accept our role and response.”

Newsom, however, noted that a large proportion of the land in California is owned by the federation, and he believes that climate change contributed greatly to the intensity of the fire.

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“We feel very strongly that the hots are heating up, the dry spells are drying up,” he said. “Something has happened to plumbing the world.”

Newsom said: “Climate change is real and it is increasing it.”

Wildfires have become increasingly common. For example, California recorded 43 from 1980 to 1999 – but 300 from 2000 to 2019. There were no wildfires in Oregon from 1980 to 1999, but 63 over the last 20 years, according to data analyzed by insurance website QuoteWizard.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, all five of the lowest fires in US history, measured by insured losses, have occurred in California over the past three years. The November 2018 campfire destroyed Paradise, California, leaving more than 80 people dead and causing up to $ 10.7 billion in insured losses.

The relationship between Newsom and Trump – charged with very public espionage on everything from climate change to immigration – seemed mellow during the coronavirus epidemic. Newsome thanked the administration, including Vice President Mike Pence, for helping to combat the epidemic in California. For his part, Trump spoke highly of the cooperation between Washington and Sacramento, and would refer to Newsom as “Gavin” during his press briefing as part of the Coronovirus Task Force.

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Mutual praise – particularly after Newsom’s “promised, kept promises” remark after receiving a swab for coronovirus trials – raised eyebrows among many Democrats and calls that Governor was feeding Trump’s arrogance.

Speaking during an interview on CNN in April, however, Newsom drew criticism, arguing that the crisis is not a partisan time.

Newsome said, “It’s not a matter of time that I don’t care who’s up and down, whose elections are looking better than anyone else’s or who wants to run for president or who doesn’t Wants to. ” Crisis we need [rise] Over favors and in those situations I have not always extended an open hand, a closed fist. And this is no different. ”

Prior to the meeting on Monday, Trump told reporters that politically, he and Newsome “have a good relationship” and “work well together” despite being “on different sides of the spectrum”.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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