News reminded San Diego to celebrate Halloween safely during COVID-19

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County health officials are reminding the public that traditional Halloween ceremonies are not advisable, and large ceremonies are not permitted under state or local health guidance.

Halloween ceremonies – such as side and person, door-to-door gait or-treatment – pose a high risk of spreading COVID-19 and are strongly discouraged.

County public health officer Wilma Wootton, MD, MPH, said, “These activities involve face-to-face interactions with people from different homes.” “If COVID-19 infection is detected among a participant, it will be very difficult to find and inform those who have been diagnosed.”

Wootton recommends the following safe Halloween activities to ensure that children have a fun and safe celebration:

  • Online party / competition such as costume or pumpkin carving
  • Drive-through events and car parades
  • Houses and yards with Halloween-themed decorations
  • Movie nights with your own home or in a theater
  • Pumpkin patch where people use hand sanitizer and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others

“Please be safe and stay healthy this Halloween weekend,” Wootton said. “Boo and Caeckle may have a lot of fun, but COVID certainly isn’t.”

A list of what other options are allowed to celebrate Halloween as well as other options is not found here.

State Metrics:

  • San Diego County’s state-calculated, adjusted case rate is currently 6.5 per 100,000 residents. Tier 2, Red Tier has a range of 7.0.
  • The test positivity percentage is 3.5%, placing it in Tier 3 or Orange Tier.
  • The state’s health equity metric looks at test positivity for areas with the least healthy conditions.
  • The county’s health equity test positivity percentage is 5.1. This metric does not transfer counties to more restrictive levels, but is required to advance.
  • The California Department of Public Health will assess counties on a weekly basis, with the next report on Tuesday, November 3.

Outbreak of community setting:

  • On 13 October, 13 new community outbreaks were confirmed: four in grocery settings, three in restaurant settings, two in business settings, two in health care settings, one in day care settings and one in government settings.
  • In the last seven days (21 October through 21 October), 31 community outbreaks were confirmed.
  • The number of community outbreaks is above the trigger of seven or more in seven days.
  • A community outbreak is defined as three or more COVID-19 cases in a setting and in people from different households over the past 14 days.


  • On October 27, 11,116 tests were performed in the county, and the percentage of new laboratory-confirmed cases was 3%.
  • The 14-day rolling average percentage of positive cases is 2.7%. The target is less than 8.0%.
  • The 7-day, daily average test is 11,268.
  • People with and without symptoms who are at greater risk for COVID-19 should be tested. Healthcare and essential workers should also receive a test, as well as people who had close contact with a positive case or live in communities that are being affected.


  • On October 27, 330 new cases were confirmed among San Diego County residents. The total number of this area is now 55,540.
  • 3,883 or 7.0% required hospitalization in all cases.
  • 905 or 1.6% of all cases and 23.3% of hospitalized cases had to be admitted to the intensive care unit.


  • On October 27, four new deaths were reported in the county. The total number of this area is now 881.
  • Between October 22 and October 26, three women and a man died. His age ranged from the mid-70s to the 80s.
  • All had underlying medical conditions.

more information:

More detailed data summary found County’s website It will be updated around 5 pm today.


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