News from the Warriors: The NBA says that Kevin Durant double dribbled in the final game


According to the NBA, Kevin Durant should have been asked to double-bargain for final possession of the Golden State Warriors during his 120-118 victory over the Miami Heat on Sunday night.

Durant controlled the ball for the Warriors in the last two possessions of the game, and it worked well. In the first, he hit a three pull-up to tie the game. In the second, he tried a three again, but this time he failed. But DeMarcus Cousins ​​was there for the offensive rebound, and committed a foul on the way back. Two free throws later and the Warriors had the advantage with 5.4 seconds left, an advantage they would not waste.

But the second successful possession was fortuitous, and not only because the young lady ended up in the hands of Boogie. In the report of the last two minutes of the NBA, which they publish every day, it was revealed that KD should have been whistled for a double dribble before the three lost.

The league reviewed each game in the last two minutes of the game, and found that all were officiated correctly, with the exception of Durant's dribble. At that time, it seemed that the ball bounced on Justise Winslow's leg or foot, which would have allowed legalizing the dribble. But apparently that was not the case.

Here is the official explanation of the league:

The combination of video evidence from multiple angles confirms that the ball does not make contact with Winslow's foot / shin (MIA) and must have called a discontinued dribble at Durant (GSW).

If you click on the report, you can see a video of the work.

As the saying goes, sometimes it's better to be lucky than to be good. In the case of the Warriors, it seems they both are!

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