News from Robert Kraft: the judge rules that all the videos of the spa of the day of Orchids of Asia remain sealed, for now

Monday was a good day for Robert Kraft.

According to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, all videos of the Asian Orchid day spa that were part of the prostitution trap, including Robert Kraft, must remain sealed, though not indefinitely, a Florida judge ruled on Monday. .

The court ruling means that the videos must remain sealed to protect fair trial rights for Kraft, Hua Zhang (owner of the spa) and Lei Wang (spa manager). The videos may be available once the juries swear, or if other things happen, such as charges or cases end in plea agreements.

Multiple media outlets, including the Boston Globe, ESPN and WBZ, have argued that this evidence should be available to the public.

"I'm not playing with this," said Judge Joseph Marx, who sided with a "protection order" last week from county judge Leonard Hanser in Kraft's application for minor crimes in prostitution cases.

In addition, Kraft's lawyers have continued the struggle to keep the video evidence out of their trial, which is not yet scheduled.

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