News from NASA: the closest asteroids in a year & # 39; will threaten Earth in days

TWO ASTEROIDS are scheduled for close encounters with Earth in days and are among the closest for a year, NASA has warned.

  NASA Asteroids 2017 WV12 and 2006 XY will fly beyond Earth GETTY [19659004] HURTLING: NASA says that two asteroids will approach Earth in days

The space agency says the rock 2017 WV12 will fly on Saturday and XY 2006 a week later on December 14.

Both have been included in NASA "The Earth Approaches the page and are classified as near-Earth objects (NEO)."

NASA experts add that, from today until next year, They are among the three closest accidents we know of. [19659008] The surface of Mars: Could these images prove that LIFE exists on the Red Planet?

These images released by NASA show the surface of Mars. investigated by attackers and truth seekers in search of telltale signs that water once flowed on the Red Planet, which would mean that extraterrestrial life could have flourished there


  Four geological layers to be examined by the mission, and Mount Sharp's higher reaches beyond the planned study area "title =" Four geological layers to be examined by the mission, and Mount Sharp's higher reaches beyond the area e planned study "class =" float loaded NASA [19659014] Four geological layers to be examined by the mission and the upper reaches of Mount Sharp beyond the planned study area

The WV12 2017 – up to 42m wide – will buzz at 3.43 lunar distances, an estimated 819,136 miles. [19659006] And the 2006 XY – up to 94m wide – will pass to 3.35 lunar distance, around 799,332 miles.

In spatial terms, distances are considered very close and NASA is paying close attention.

Just one aste Next year the roll is coming: the 2014 US7, which will fly at 3.14 lunar miles, about 749,225 miles away, on October 17 next year.

From the United Kingdom, 2017 WV12 will advance us around 9:42 p.m. .

And the 2006 XY is ready to move our planet around 12.50 p.m.

It arrives after Daily Star Online revealed this morning how NASA You are on a mission to visit an asteroid that could blow up the global economy.

The asteroid – called 16 Psyche – has an incredible width of 156 miles and cy will send a rocket there in 2022.

But experts fear that their materials, which are believed to be the remains of a planet, could be worth So much money (£ 8,072 quadrillion) that could make our financial system collapse. [19659031] Related articles

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