News from NASA: mysterious laser from the deep space nebula that heads towards Earth

BIZARRE lasers from a massive nebula in deep space are directed toward Earth, the scientists revealed.

"We detected a very rare type of emission called laser emission from the hydrogen recombination line"

Dr. Isobel German

The two unusual rays seem to show that a double star is in the center of the nebula.

Lasers usually become visible when a star is dying.

When stars begin to die they become white dwarf stars and emit rays as they shed their outer layers of gas into space, creating a multi-colored effect that can be seen throughout the galaxy.

Scientists from the European Space Agency detected the lasers, but did not know exactly where they came from.

  The nebula emitted two rays that go towards the Earth


LASERS: The nebula emitted two rays that go towards the Earth

But experts believe that recently detected rays indicated that a twin star is dying at the heart of the planet. nebula.

Dr. Isobel Aleman, who is investigating the results, said they detected a rare type of emission.

He added: "When we observe Menzel 3, we see an incredibly complex structure made of ionized gas, but we can not see the object in the center producing this pattern.

" Thanks to the sensitivity and wide range of wavelength of the Herschel observatory, we detected a very rare type of emission called a hydrogen recombination laser emission, which provided a way to reveal the structure and physical conditions of the nebula. "

The development occurs while NASA continues to monitor activity in our solar system.

Scientists are examining images taken aboard the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Reveal the explorer's view of the surface of Mars as it moves across the planet.

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