Newly Released Bin Laden Document Describes Iran, Al Qaeda Link


WASHINGTON — A document seized the night Navy SEALs killed Osama Bin Laden suggests that Al Qaeda and Iran had a relationship more complicated and intimate than previously known — one that included threats and kidnappings, but also occasional cooperation.

The document was among a mbadive trove of material released Wednesday by the CIA following a request by the Long War Journal, a website that has chronicled the U.S. war on terrorism. The site received a copy of the materials Tuesday.

The U.S. government released hundreds of thousands of files in the aftermath of the May 1, 2011 raid on Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound, and released other tranches in 2015 and 2016.

Wednesday’s release included nearly 470,000 more files recovered in the raid. Most of the newly disclosed material is in Arabic, untranslated, and uncurated. It includes Bin Laden’s untranslated 228-page private journal, and other documents that officials say support a U.S. intelligence estimate produced just after the raid that bin Laden continued to act as an operational commander of Al Qaeda even in the months just before his death.

According to the CIA, “the materials provide insights into the origins of fissures that exist today between Al Qaeda and ISIS; as well as strategic, doctrinal and religious disagreements within Al Qaeda and its allies; and hardships that Al Qaeda faced at the time of Bin Laden’s death.”

Image: Osama bin Laden.

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden at an undisclosed place inside Afghanistan.