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Newborn in India found alive on the way to his funeral dies

Dec. 6 (UPI) – A baby born 22 weeks premature in India who is presumed dead and found alive on his way to his funeral has died, asylum officials said.

Max Healthcare, an exclusive hospital in New Delhi where the twins were believed to be born dead, fired two of their doctors after the incident, and Health Minister Satyender Jain said on Wednesday that the investigation of the incident will be completed in two days The babies were delivered on November 30. One, a girl, was born dead.

Several hours after the bodies of the babies were delivered to their families for burial, their parents noticed that one was still moving.

"They handed us the two wrapped bodies like a courier package through the back door … After we traveled … we felt a movement in one," said the grandfather of the babies. "We opened it, we found pieces of plastic and the baby [boy] inside, breathing."

The newborn was taken to another hospital and placed in an incubator to help him breathe, authorities said. He died in a nursing home in Pitampura, a neighborhood in northwest New Delhi, Indian Express reported Wednesday.

Jain said that the Max Healthcare hospital was sent a notice, prior to the birth of the twins, for alleged violations of the emergency medical services standards. When asked why no one in the family received any communication from the hospital after finding the baby alive, Jain replied: "There are certain legalities involved but [the ministry] we responded immediately and we acted."

On Saturday, Jain said the hospital's license to practice could be revoked if the investigation finds him guilty of medical malpractice.

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