New York Vaccine Dating Website Now Secures Appointment, Then Give 20 Minutes To Register

Geddes, NY – New York has updated its Covid-19 vaccine dating website so that people can first secure an open spot and then fill out registration forms requesting personal and health information.

The changes (shown in the gallery above) give each person 20 minutes to complete the forms. That time can be extended, if necessary, the site says.

That’s a change from the past few months, as people were quick to fill out all the required information before finding out if the selected appointment was secured.

Changes to the “I Am Eligible” website occur when people age 50 and older are now eligible for the vaccine in New York. The state’s website, which reserves for places like the New York State Fairgrounds, has thousands of appointments open through the end of May.

People who schedule an appointment now must also recognize that when they join a two-option regiment, they can schedule both appointments. The Moderna vaccine requires two injections 28 days apart; the Pfizer, 21 days apart.

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