New York State doubles the number of states whose residents face COVID-19 travel quarantines, adding California – Deadline

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have doubled the number of states whose residents will be asked to quarantine when traveling to the Three-State Area due to growing concerns of COVID-19.

California has joined the list of 16 states, as have Georgia and Tennessee. Residents of 16 states will now have to spend 14 days in quarantine if they decide to travel to the New York area. Signs have gone up at airports and on freeways. Hotels have been asked to inform their guests of the procedures.

Last week, the limit was introduced for eight states, including Texas and Florida. Aside from Idaho and Iowa, the 16 states now on the list are in the southeastern and southwestern parts of the U.S.

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The restrictions come as many parts of the US are experiencing large increases in coronavirus infection rates, prompting the Centers for Disease Control to issue warnings that the disease may have gotten out of control. The new limits are a dramatic reversal of the pattern since the start of the pandemic, when New York travelers were accused of spreading the virus in Florida and elsewhere. New York was initially the global epicenter of the pandemic, but it has made the most progress in fighting the disease, with the rest of the country going in the opposite direction in recent weeks.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did not hold a press conference Tuesday after announcing the expansion of the quarantine measures. In a briefing on Monday, he noted the new COVID-19 groups that had been identified, including one that involved trips to and from Florida by a family living in New York. Despite the significant advances made by New York and New Jersey, health officials consider them at risk because of travelers from other states, a particular concern during the summer months.

In response to COVID-19, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have often acted together because of their shared involvement in the New York City metro area, a major travel and shopping center.

“Our numbers are down, probably as much as any American state, but we pay a huge price,” New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy told NBC. Today on Tuesday. “We have been through hell. The last thing we want to do is go through hell again. “

On Monday, Murphy indefinitely delayed the return of indoor food at state restaurants. Cuomo has also slowed the reopening of theaters and other parts of the state’s commercial landscape.

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