New York sees troubled first week of previous move Kovid-19 vaccine rollout

This week, Gov. Andrew Kyomo reversed New York’s approach on the Kovid-19 vaccine, loosening eligibility requirements for people 65 and older.

The switch has opened up new logistic challenges. But state and local officials hope that it will take more shots at the weapons after the initial rollout, marked by delays and wastage.

Those involved in the New York effort said that the first month of distribution was plagued by public feuds between state and local officials, making threatening and misleading decisions from Mr. Cuomo of a $ 1 million fine for not following delivery rules. blame.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, New York, which is suffering more Kovid-19 fatalities than any other state, has delivered 37% of the 1.9 million vaccine doses received on Friday. The percentage is comparable to the Rust Belt states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, but lags behind larger, populous states like Texas and Florida, and smaller states such as neighboring Connecticut, which, according to the CDC, used 51% of its allocation.

New York State officials have now opened Kovid-19 vaccination sites on university campuses, conference centers and stadiums as they relax eligibility requirements for the vaccine.


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