New York police officer ambushes LA Sheriff, providing ‘Fund the First’ support to friends and family

NYPD Detective Robert Garland, founder of ‘Fund the First’ – a crowdfunding group for first responders – reacted to the ambush of two Los Angeles sheriff depots on Sunday and offered the support of his organization to the affected people before the crime. Called “terrible”. .

During a phone interview to Fox News, he said, “I was obviously annoyed that this is not happening.” Our law enforcement is trying to protect the people and carry out ambushes in this way. “

Garland was referring to two sheriff depots, a 24-year-old male and a 31-year-old woman who were ambushed and shot dead in Compton, California, on Saturday, when an armed man approached his police vehicle and opened fire. Opened. Causeless. Both depots were initially in critical condition and were “fighting for their lives” as they underwent surgery after the attack.

Following the incident, protesters allegedly showed up at the hospital, where deputies were being treated, shouting slogans such as “death to the police” … at least one person was arrested.

Compton ‘Ambush’ 2 La Country’s Shruti ‘Fight for their lives’

Garland, whose group provides a secure, verified funding platform to help first responders to the needy, said it is touching base with its LA counterparts in law enforcement, felt by friends and family of deputies Is offering their assistance to help ease the pain being done.

“I’m trying to reach friends and families of the heads of the LA Police Department to let them know that” Fund the First “is here,” he explained.

Garland said, “I tell them, ‘I’m a detective, I know what you’re doing and I’m here for you guys.’ I have made contact with some heads in the department and others to raise some funds to keep in touch. But this is not about fundraising. We want to be for people. ”

President Trump also weighed the issue on Twitter on Saturday, calling the suspect an “animal”.

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“Animals that must be killed hard !,” the commander-in-chief wrote.

As of Sunday afternoon, the suspect was still at large. However, the female deputy is reportedly in stable but critical condition after being shot in the jaw and both arms. The male deputy is awake and talking after being shot in the forehead, arm and arm, accordingly To CBS reporter Adriana Weingold.

date. Garland said, “For that to happen – I feel their pain. And they are with me in my prayers. I’m thinking of them, day in and day out.”

Fox News’ Brie Stimpson contributed to this report