New York Jets takes flight, reveals new logo and uniforms for 2019

Written by: Chris Creamer • Thursday, April 4, 2019

A lighter green comes back, accompanied by black when the New York Jets presented their new logo and uniforms at Gotham Hall in Midtown Manhattan.

The team unveiled three new uniforms tonight at a media event organized by actor and comedian J.B. Smoove The usual, green at home, white on the road, and now an alternate black uniform that combines and confirms the various leaks we had seen over the course of last week.

The new image combines elements of the two styles of different uniforms used by the club in the last 50 years. The helmet, for example, uses a green shell as it did for twenty years in the 70-80-90 years with a black mask, but the logo is more similar to (but a simplified version) of what was used at the end of 60 and again here in the 2000s.

The colors officially called "Gotham Green", "Spotlight White" and "Stealth Black"

While the logo looks similar to what the Jets had been using since 1998, there are some differences. The "JETS" brand is now the same size (previously, "J" was a bit larger), the "NY" behind the brand has been removed and replaced with "NEW YORK" written above the team name. Soccer at the bottom of the logo has also been updated.

"Our new uniforms are designed to perform on the largest stage in the world and are inspired by the harshness, strength and resilience of the New York City area," said Jets team president Neil Glatt. , at the opening. "They are designed to be modern and innovative, and represent our aspirations both on and off the field."

"Our new colors: Gotham Green, Spotlight White and Stealth Black are clean, bold and dynamic," Glatt continued. "Our goal with all this, as defined by our owner, was to help create an indisputable advantage in the local field."

At the front of each shirt is "NEW YORK", the Jets join the Cleveland Browns (at least for one season) to have the name of their city appear on the front of their uniform. Contrasting stripes are on each shoulder (white on green, green on white and black), this design is duplicated on each leg of the pants.

"I like them, I love helmets, the 80's logo (style), green, I'm definitely buying the black jersey," said Jets Superfan Scott Mallery. "They killed the helmet, that helmet is impressive."

It is the first significant change in uniform or logo for the Jets in twenty-one years when the club revealed its style of backstroke design in 1998.

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