New York Jets GM Joe Douglas says the team was angered by low expectations

The New York Jets are one of the lightest-regarded teams in the NFL – and that makes them crazy, according to general manager Joe Burgess.

Douglas said in a zoom call with reporters on Monday, “Our people don’t live in a bubble. The things that are said, we see the things written.” “It offends a lot of people.”

Outside expectations for the Jets were not high after the offseason, and he then traded All-Pro Jamal Adams due to a contract dispute. A week later, former Pro Bowl middle liner CJ Mosley dropped out of the season due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Jets, coming from a 7-9 season, can be hard pressed to reach that victory. Only two players on the roster have been selected for a Pro Bowl – running backs Levon Bell and Frank Gore. No Jets were named to the most recent ESPN Top 100 Player Rankings.

“Obviously there were good players in this team last year who are not playing this year,” Douglas said. “But after going through this camp, I can tell you that there are some people in this team who may not be household names, but they are good football players. Their mission is to get out of the house and become a household name . “

Douglas, playing his second season as GM, played the underdog card. Discussing the season opener against the Buffalo Bills, he called it “a big challenge”, but said: “I know there are a lot of hungry people who want to get out there and a lot of people get it wrong, obviously Prove it. ”

The Jets are relying on a rebuilding offensive line (four new starts) to help third-year quarterback Sam Darnold, who faced heavy pressure last season.

Douglas said that this is the kind of group that made him happiest in training camp.

“Nobody’s saying it’s hog or anything crazy,” he said, “but this is a group that you see getting better every day.”

The Jets are among the league’s leaders in the salary-cap room (about $ 30 million), leading some to wonder why they haven’t spent more to improve the roster. Despite an attractive need for a pass-razor, they were not among the teams interested in Jadevan Clooney and Yannick Nagakoy.

Douglas said uncertainty about the 2021 cap is one of the reasons he has not distributed to the big-name free agent. The organization believes that unused cap space, which could be moved into next year, would be a major benefit.

“We have a vision, we have a game plan that we are trying to fulfill,” Douglas said. “We want flexibility when the right player presents himself, the right opportunity, we’re going to be aggressive. It may look like we’re not doing it right now, but we have a vision.”