New York helicopter crash: 3 National Guard soldiers killed in crash in Mendon near Rochester

Of Monroe County Sheriff Todd. Baxter said at a news conference, several calls for an aircraft came in at 6:30 pm in times of crisis.

“According to 911 reports … there was a sputtering, an engine sound and the aircraft was flying much lower, lower than normal,” Baxter said.

First responders arrived to find a helicopter on fire.

“They went into life-saving mode, trying to rescue anyone who might be in the plane or the area,” said Baxter, adding the area of ​​the wreck would have just expanded a few city blocks or about 100 feet in each direction. is.

The helicopter was a UH-60 Black Hawk medical evacuation helicopter. The incident is being investigated, the Department of Military and Naval Affairs said, no further information was immediately available.

Batter said the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will conduct a preliminary investigation into the accident. His office would then hand over the investigation to the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Guard.

“It’s a heavy, heavy burden on all of us. These are our freedom providers. … We lost three brave Americans today in service to our country,” said Baxter.

Andrew Cuomo of the New York government said in a statement that he was “devastated” by the soldiers’ deaths.

“Members of the National Guard are our civilian soldiers who serve both here and abroad voluntarily, and I extend my prayers and condolences from all New Yorkers to the family, loved ones, and fellow soldiers of these honorable heroes whom we will never Will forget. “

The Governor on Thursday directed half the staff to place flags on all state buildings to honor the victims.

CNN’s Sonia Moghe contributed to this report.


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