New York has 1.5 million COVID-19 cases

New York has reported more than half a million COVID-19 cases, becoming the fourth state in the US to pass foggy milestones after California, Florida and Texas.

Reuters reported that New York had 80 percent more cases in the previous month than in the previous month and more than 2,000 were recorded in a single day. However, the number is far from state records on April 10 when 12,847 cases were reported.

New York has 33,000 more deaths than any other state and has the second highest number of deaths per capita. The neighboring state of New Jersey has the highest number of deaths. Nearby states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have seen twice as much in the last four weeks as they did four weeks earlier, according to Reuters.

New York Government. Andrew CuomoAndrew CuomoSenate asks Health Committee chair Cuomo, Newsom calls on travel industry Trump administration to stop ‘FDA second guessing on vaccine efficacy’ State officials to prevent quarantine need by creating a test plan Vaccine delivery plans Request more information about. (D) has taken a strict stance in the context of limiting the sizes collected. They have issued new mandates to close non-essential businesses in the red areas and limit the size of religious congregations, attracting business owners and religious leaders alike.

New Yorkers begin preparations for second wave of coronovirus cases, as The New York Times Report That families have started stocking medical supplies and parents of more than half of New York’s schoolchildren prefer to keep them at home until at least November.

In the article published on Wednesday, many in the interview expressed disappointment with a lackadaisical approach to COVID-19 guidelines among their fellow New Yorkers.

“It ain’t over because you’ve finished it”, said campaigner Jennifer Berchet, who decided to return to her office due to not taking seriously the threat of coronovirus by many.


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