New York Giants return to Eli Manning as starting quarterback –

New York Giants return to Eli Manning as starting quarterback


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Eli Manning is expected to return as the starting quarterback of the New York Giants after a week of relegation, a source tells ESPN.

The Giants host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. There was talk of former players who came to the game and were placed on the sideline with the number 10 of Manning shirts in a show of solidarity.

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Manning had a run of 210 consecutive starts that ended on Sunday when the Giants lost 24-17 at Oakland. Geno Smith started in his place.

It was a move that generated protests from fans and from previous and current players. Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers called the handling of the situation "pathetic."

Manning stood and watched while Smith had his ups and downs on Sunday, completing 21 of 34 pbades for 212 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 fumbles at the loss. Head coach Ben McAdoo, who was fired Monday morning, said Smith had not done anything to avoid having another start.

But defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo is now the interim head coach. Mike's former quarterback coach, Mike Sullivan, remains the offensive coordinator.

At a press conference to announce the firing of McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese, Giants co-owner John Mara did not confirm that Manning will return to the starting quarterback position on Sunday. . He said that the final decision will depend on Spagnuolo.

Manning, 36, had started all the games since the middle of his rookie season before Sunday. Has almost all the records of pbades of the Giants.

Manning was emotional after rejecting the Giants' original plan to start against the Raiders to keep his streak alive before giving way to Smith.

"I do not blame anyone for the way it was driven," Manning said Sunday night about the Giants' decision to evaluate other quarterbacks in the final stretch of the season. "I think coach McAdoo tried to do something right with me, saying they were going to let me play, but just knowing that I was going to get out of the game, I just could not play like that."

"You know, I appreciated it. I was trying to do myself a favor, but it's just not the way I could get into a game, knowing that they'll get me out. I appreciated being given that option, but I think he understood when I said I could not do it that way. "

Manning has completed 63 percent of his pbades this season for 2,411 yards, has 14 touchdown pbades and 7 interceptions in 11 games.

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