New York Giants coach Joe Judge resumed practice, resuming practice

East Rutherford, NJ – First comes with the judge running the New York Giants. This time he started something that middle liner Blake Martinez had never seen in his first four NFL seasons, when the first-year head coach started his team from the top 25 minutes of practice in 25 minutes of practice.

The judge gathered the veterans between their two practice areas at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Thursday afternoon and lit them after what they saw during stretching and individual practice. After the judge’s unholy tier, the players went back to the beginning of the practice script for the stretch again, right when the open part of the practice ended and the media was asked to leave.

“It was definitely the first time,” Martinez said of resuming practice.

This was the latest example for tough coaching the judge. Hearing him scream and practice has been a daily occurrence this summer. And he has been unapproachable about his approach.

The call to do a redo was well received during the early part of the exercise.

“I love it,” said Saicon Barclay, recently voted team captain. “It’s something we knew we were going to focus on. Whatever we do, there’s going to be purpose behind it. The coach didn’t like us to start. We started and as captain In and as leaders. Steps to the challenge. I think we responded. The thing is on Monday, there will be no restart. We have to find this way to get that energy and be objective from the start. Should. We should not start again. It has to happen. ”

The Giants opened their season on Monday night, hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are important Dalits in the competition.

Martinez and Barclay agreed with the judge’s assessment that there was a shortage of veterans at the start of practice.

“Yes, it was one of those moments where we just didn’t get out right and we needed to get a lot of refocus and things again,” Martinez said. “And we did that. We had to step back as a team to show our resolve and different kind of performance and our ability, understand what we are doing wrong and fix it.”

Such buying and selling has been taking place since the arrival of the judge, and there is no disagreement about the new demands.

Barclay believes it will pay dividends in the long run.

“The approach this team has taken and the feedback we have taken to coach judge’s methods has been very good. Obviously we are a young team and are going to face some adversities that we will face throughout the season . ” We are going to face some adverse conditions on Monday night. But this is the way we respond, the way we continue to work and improve every single day. ”

The Giants are the NFL’s worst team for the past three seasons. The 38-year-old, was hired earlier this year in New England after eight seasons under Bill Belichick.

He made it clear at his introductory news conference that the physical, old-school approach would be: it was not going to be easy for his players.

This is true this summer. Special teams — Aces Nate Ebner, who spent the early seven years of his career with the Patriots, recently told ESPN that it was one of the hardest training camps he had experienced. But the judges have been adamant that their players have been open and receptive to coaching their staff. He mentioned earlier on Thursday that he felt that the team’s strength was the same as everyone came together during the Tribulation.

The players seem to have responded positively to this latest turn. “It was really cool how everybody took it in a positive way,” Martinez said. “It wasn’t like ‘ah, here we go. Why are we doing this?”

“It was like, ‘Hey, this is what we have to fix. We need to make sure, because I think we all understand how big this first week is, as a team, on our own. To send a statement. What do we want this whole season. ”