New York Giants bench on wrath over use of WR Golden Tate

New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate did not travel with the team on Saturday and will be inactive for Sunday’s game against Washington under discipline from his actions during last week’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tate was asked to stay indoors on Wednesday, while the Giants spent most of the week working with the scout team. On Friday, Coach Joe Judge did not rule out the possibility of the veteran wide receiver not being active for the divisional matchup.

“I’m going to discuss a lot of possibilities on Friday after practice,” the judge said.

Tate was caught on camera’s “Throw Me the Ball” after a stunning jump in the fourth quarter late on Monday, tying the Giants to tie the score. His wife Allies raided Instagram that night about a lack of opportunities, and Tate later liked a tweet suggesting that he should be cut and given a chance to sign elsewhere.

A source told ESPN that the Gents do not plan to cut Tate despite the bench.

The judge said earlier in the week that he had long talks with Tate and that they would deal with the case internally. It was clear that the coaches were not happy with Tate’s actions.

“First of all, this building should have a team-first for everyone,” the judge said on Wednesday. “Every player and every player. It has to be team-first. There are no exceptions to this. I am not going to tolerate any kind of selfish behavior from any person, coach or player. It is not going to happen.”

Tate has started 112 games in his career but was serving as the Giants’ third receiver in recent weeks as Darrius Slayton and Sterling Shepard, playing just over 50% of the snaps.

It was a strange scene to see him at the word scout under the excuse of Washington wide receiver Terry McLaurin.

“It’s a little different,” cornerback James Bradberry said with a smile on Friday.

It has already been a very important season for Tate. And we are only half home.

He recalled the opener with an ankle injury, Jalan Ramsi – who fought his niece’s father – in midfield in Week 4 and is now embroiled in controversies following his and his wife’s comments.

Sources said the Giants were open to transfer Tate before the trade deadline on Tuesday. But his salary (about $ 4.5 million this season), age (32) and deteriorating production (22 catches for 226 yards and two touchdowns in seven matches) did not make it possible.

In recent weeks Tate has been called at a rare time, he has produced. He produced touchdown graves for 19 and 39 yards despite a combined five goals against the Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The judge said on Tuesday, “His role is like every player on our team. Work hard, work hard. Get the team down first and make a play on it when you have the ball.” “If you’re not involved directly on the ball, then blockback, help the quarterback. For defensive players, try and take the team off the field to make sure we play our leverage. Whatever it is, the team Put first. You are asked to do it. If you catch 10 balls, great. If you catch one ball, that is also fantastic. On other plays within the game, to help the team you Do everything you can do. “

Tate’s frustration can be seen on Monday as the game progressed and the ball did not get in his way. His wife was feeling it.

“GT WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN WIDE OPEN. I KNOWWWWW,” Elyse Tate wrote on her Instagram story, before convincing her husband she would probably be upset by her comments and delete her post.

“That’s @showtimetate! So unofficial. As I see I can’t see that with a one year old !!!!” She wrote. “Last exact game. Same goal in the last quarter. A certain TD – an epic TD. The Bblu F. of that time. The Blood. Watch this period. Watch the movie.”

There have been whispers about Tate’s declining skills and lack of isolation. But the film Tate was quite open from Monday’s game, with a clear separation from a defender in 13 plays. There were at least some misses from quarterback Daniel Jones, who did not appear under his direction.

To be fair, the Giants had open receipts across the field on Monday night. Jones had plenty of options and missed a few big ones. Tate is not yet one of crime’s top priorities.

“I have to do a good job of getting everyone the ball and giving people a chance to make plays,” Jones said after Monday’s game. “He is a great player for us and is an important part of our offense, so we will keep trying to get him the ball. He stepped up and made a big play at the end of the game. We will continue to work.” To get him the ball. “

Just not this week.


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