New York Faces Second Wave Risk: Visitors from Florida and Texas

“New York’s problem is that we have infection that comes from other states to New York,” Cuomo, a third-term Democrat, said Monday, noting that the state is not “a hermetically sealed bubble.”

Authorities estimate that 12,000 people visit New York daily from the states on the quarantine list, which is regularly updated according to certain virus health metrics. Quarantine currently applies to travelers from a wide swath, primarily from the west and south, where cases have skyrocketed, including California, Florida, and Texas. Other states are ready to be added to the list soon.

The quarantine order has been applied to more than 900 flights that have landed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut since it went into effect, according to a New York Times analysis of flight data provided by MyRadar. About a third came from Florida, with most flights landing in New York City, Newark, NJ, and Teterboro, NJ

Domestic flights average about 68 passengers per flight, according to Airlines for America, an industry group, so more than 61,000 people could have been on those flights.

Before Mister Cuomo did airport forms are required, arriving passengers are expected to fill them out voluntarily and drop them off in mailboxes.

Information on the forms is shared with local health departments, who are supposed to follow up with visitors by phone, text message or in person to ensure they are quarantined, authorities said. As of last week, more than 20,000 forms had been filed, state officials said.

Ensuring that people fill out forms became a problem for officials from the beginning. A recent outbreak of cases in Rensselaer County originated with three residents, two of whom worked in nursing homes. They traveled to Georgia and did not report their arrival in New York.

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