New York City may delay reopening amid growing cases elsewhere in the U.S.

Governor of New York Andrew CuomoAndrew Cuomo Democratic officials, governors push for a nationwide mask mandate as the administration defends the state-by-state approach on Sunday shows: the resurgence of the coronavirus dominates Cuomo: the Trump administration ‘in denial’ over the ‘coronavirus problem ‘ PLUS (D) suggested Monday that it could suspend the third phase of reopening coronavirus restrictions for the New York City area amid what he said were warning signs that residents are not complying with the guidelines for social distancing.

Both Cuomo and the Mayor of New York Bill de BlasioBill de BlasioMore than 15 New York correctional officers will be disciplined after the death of a trans inmate on Riker’s Island Hundreds attend the ‘Occupy City Hall’ protest in New York to advocate for police department budget cuts Sometimes it makes sense common overcomes a demand for freedoms MORE (D) expressed concern specifically about the planned reopening of the restaurant service for reduced-capacity dining, and Cuomo told NY1 that this aspect was of particular concern.

“We have a week before New York City enters the next phase and we have numbers every day … but shopping malls and food inside are things that worry me and we may consider slowing them down for next week.” Cuomo told NY1. “I don’t want to reverse anything we have done. I want to keep moving forward, but we can move forward with caution.”


The governor specifically cited images of Manhattan companies that failed to impose bans on mass meetings and limited capacity. Cuomo had previously threatened to withdraw liquor licenses from bars and restaurants that do not adequately enforce social distancing measures. “

Cuomo’s concerns contradict his earlier comments that the city will be subject to the same reopening guidelines as the other regions of the state. However, on Monday he told NY1 that the city is “different” and that the reopening presents challenges not present in other parts of the Empire State Building.

De Blasio in his comments said that adjustments would be made continuously.

“We are at a defining moment for New York City. We have to do it right. We are going to make adjustments all the time and we will be open to you when we need to make adjustments.” Blasio said Monday in his daily briefing. “But we are also going to be very open about progress and what we need to do. When we see a problem, such as concerns about food inside, we have to address it.”


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