New York City fines $ 1,000 for people who refuse to wear masks in public

According to Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City residents will face heavy fines for refusing to wear masks in public this fall.

NPR said that those who refuse to apply masks or face covers will be fined up to $ 1,000. The policy was announced after New York City officials announced a spike in local positivity rates for coronovirus testing.

NYPD invites more than 400 officers to enter the Society

“We don’t want to fix people, but if we have to, we will,” De Blasio said during a press conference on Tuesday.

The law will apply to those who refuse to wear masks when questioned by a law enforcement officer or health officer. Masks will be given to those who do not have one. The policy went into effect on Tuesday.

New York City officials said the region’s positivity rate exceeded 3% for the first time since June. De Blasio identified nine zip codes in Brooklyn and Queens as hot spots for coronovirus cases.

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Speaking on Wednesday, de Blasio said that no one was fined on the first day of the facade crack. City officials have started distributing masks in areas with high positivity.

Earlier this month, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York warned that passengers who refuse to wear masks while riding on public transportation services will be fined $ 50.

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