New York City bus driver asks passenger to wear mask

A New York City bus driver was allegedly stabbed by an uncontrollable rider, as he reminded the passenger of a face covering on public transportation.

A bus on a city street: New York City bus driver beaten to death the passenger he asked to wear a mask

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New York City bus driver asks passenger to wear mask

Anthony Reid says a group of passengers complained about their last time in Brooklyn one night in July that a fellow rider had not worn a face mask. After 62-year-old Reid, took the person out and called the person out, he said everything went dark.

“It was a quiet exchange with them, but then they had cooled me down,” Reid told The New York Times in an interview published on Friday.

Reid said he woke up in an ambulance with a taste of blood in his mouth and a swollen eye. Paramedics told her that she was attacked from behind by the masked rider.

A strict set of lockdown and mitigation measures have begun to emerge to prevent the spread of coronaviruses in New York. However, according to an order by Andrew Kyomo (D) of the New York Government in April, passengers on public transfers have to cover masks or faces due to people standing in a nearby location. That requirement has not yet been raised.

The Times reported that the attack on Reid is one of many experienced by New York City public transit activists. More than 170 transit workers have reportedly experienced strikes to enforce coronovirus regulations. Seventy-five percent of these violent incidents have occurred on buses, according to the paper, and two people have been charged with assaulting transit workers.

The attacks have become so frequent that transportation officials have considered issuing a $ 50 fine for those who refuse to obey mask orders.

“It’s very dangerous, very dangerous,” Reid said, according to the Times, “I was just trying to protect myself and protect the passengers. I paid a price for that.”

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