New York as ‘hot spot’ epidemic hits Wisconsin heavily

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wisconsin, where US President Donald Trump will hold rallies over the weekend, recorded a record increase in new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, while New York State reported a worsening of positive ponavirus virus in 20 ‘hot spots’ Reported offtake. . ‘

Naomi Hassebroek is with her daughter Lida and classmate Emmanuel Michaelski-Ratcliffe on their first day at school on IS 318 in Brooklyn, New York, US on October 1, 2020 amidst an outbreak of coronovirus disease (COVID-19). REUTERS / Caitlin Ouch

The 3,000 new infections reported in Wisconsin sparked fears that the sheer number of new patients could affect hospitals. Florida, as Wisconsin’s four people, reported 2,628 new cases on Thursday.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an emergency order easing licensing regulations in a bid to increase the number of healthcare workers able to cope with the growing crisis.

“There have been many examples of our emergency department over the past week, where it had potential and needed to keep patients in the hallways,” Bellin Health, which runs a hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin, said in a statement. Its intensive care unit has been complete or nearly complete for a week.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Drs. Ryan Westergaard said the state outbreak began in young people and has now spread to the community.

“Public gatherings of any kind are more dangerous than at any time during this epidemic,” he told CNN on Thursday.

There are indications that the epidemic is worsening in the upper Midwest abound. Both Wisconsin and North Dakota reported a record number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized on Thursday, while South Dakota also recorded a record number of new cases.

New cases of COVID-19 occurred in 27 of the 50 US states in September compared to August, with a 111% increase in Wisconsin, according to Reuters analysis.

In New York, which struggled with the world’s largest outbreak earlier this year, officials said they were concerned about the groups of cases in 20 regions across the state, where the average rate of positive tests was 5.5% to 6.5%. Rose from the day before.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy launched Thursday encouraging residents to download a new voluntary contact-tracing app to their smartphones. The COVID alert, the app, uses Bluetooth technology to let users know if they were recently possessed by someone who later tested positive for coronavirus.

Many of New York’s 20 hot spots – half of which are in New York City – include Orthodox Jewish communities. Cuomo said he spoke to community leaders about implementing social removal measures.

“A group can spread tomorrow,” Cuomo told reporters. “These zip codes are not hermetically sealed.”

He implored local authorities to step up enforcement measures. “If they are not wearing masks, they should be fined,” Cuomo said.

Wisconsin health officials are urging residents to avoid large gatherings ahead of Trump’s weekend rallies in Janesville and Green Bay in the Nov. 3 election.

City health officials said an indoor Trump rally in Tulsa in June, possibly contributed to the increase in cases there.

Beyond the Midwest, Western states are also experiencing spikes in coronovirus cases. Montana recorded a record increase in cases for the second consecutive day on Thursday and had a record number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

Reporting by Jonathan Allen and Maria Caspani in New York and Lisa Shumaker in Chicago; Editing by Bill Burcott and Rosalba O’Brien