New Xbox One update now, this is what it does

A new Xbox One update is available for everyone, and adds a number of features and notable improvements. Beginning, the May update of Xbox One introduces the ability to link your Discord account with your Xbox account to chat with friends and see what they are doing.

The new update of Xbox One also incorporates support for 120Hz refresh rate for output resolutions of 1080p and 1440p on Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Of course, you need a monitor or TV that supports 120Hz for this, but it is a good option to have if you are looking for it. " High refresh rate support can provide a smoother gameplay experience and lower latency on some screens, and games can benefit from reduced tear and stutter through the 120Hz output," Microsoft said.

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Also new with the update is the ability to crop Game Capture videos from the Guide. Previously, you had to start Upload Studio, and that could take a while. The new update also includes improvements to the family configuration in the form of a "Details" page that collects all relevant family settings.

In addition, today's Xbox One update modifies some button commands; the "View" button on the home screen can now be used to reorder group elements and more. In addition, the capture options will now be displayed when you press the "View" button in the main tab of the Guide. Finally, the May update changes the Xbox accessory application to " to make browsing easier, and to look and feel more consistent with the rest of the Xbox One board."

For a complete summary of what's new in the May Xbox One update, see this detailed post on Xbox Wire. In other Xbox news, Microsoft has announced a new Halo game for arcades and revealed an exclusive controller designed for people with mobility considerations.

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