New video reveals Scott Kelly’s thrilling return to Earth from house

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When NASA astronaut Scott Kelly got here again right down to Earth after spending a yr on the International Space Station, the very first thing he did was take a deep breath of chilly air. 

“Crisp coldness of the air is quite refreshing. And not only fresh, but [it does] not [have a] Space Station smell to it,” Kelly stated in a clip from Beyond a Year in Space, a PBS documentary premiering Wednesday.

“The air is great,” Kelly added after touchdown and being pulled from his Russian-made Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan. “I don’t know why you guys are all bundled up.”

Kelly spent 340 days in house alongside Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko as a part of their year-long mission in house designed to see how the physique modifications throughout prolonged stays in microgravity. 

Scott Kelly of NASA rest in a chair outside of the Soyuz spacecraft.

Scott Kelly of NASA relaxation in a chair outdoors of the Soyuz spacecraft.

The new documentary, the second installment of the two-part Year in Space collection from PBS, reveals what it was like for Kelly to return residence to Texas after a whole bunch of days above the Earth. 

Kelly’s adjustment to life again on the planet wasn’t precisely straightforward. The astronaut — who spent extra consecutive time in house than another American — reportedly had coordination points and different well being issues after returning again to gravity.

“My feet still bother me some — I didn’t walk on them for a year”

“Gravity definitely gives you a beat down when you get back,” Kelly stated within the documentary. “My ft nonetheless hbadle me some — I didn’t stroll on them for a yr.”

Kelly and Kornienko’s yr in house may very well be simply the primary of many long-duration missions to the International Space Station and past. 

NASA is hoping to make use of the information gathered throughout this mission to be taught extra about what it’s going to take to fly people to Mars within the coming many years. Those missions would require astronauts to be in house for months at a time simply to achieve the purple planet. 

Beyond a Year in Space premieres on PBS on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET. 

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