New Trailers: Cajilner, Zola, Rachad, and more

When the epidemic was starting in America, I spent a few nights watching a pair of Taika Vetti films: I didn’t see: Hunt for wielderpers And What do we do in the shade. They were the right kind of light, non-stress films for this time.

This is exactly the kind of experience that Vetti loves to make. His films are full of silly, hard-hitting characters you can’t help but care for, but he never really harms them. They are constantly blurring their way through a sinister landscape of their own making, and it is usually quite obvious how they can find their way. This makes the stakes lower but leaves plenty of room for the characters’ big celebrities to shine.

This week (and check out the nine trailers from last week because I was down!).


Nearly a decade after her last film, Miranda July is coming back with a wild twist on a Heist movie – a film about a quirky family about a skeptical cast and daughter (played by Evan Rachel Wood) Suddenly started realizing that she wanted more her parents. It arrives on September 18 (in theaters, supposedly).

Judah and the Black Messiah

Daniel Kaluya and Laketh Stanfield star in the film about the leader of the Black Panther Party in Illinois, who was killed by police in 1969. This trailer suggests that the film will have the energy of an action thriller. It comes sometime next year.

I think of ending things

Charlie Kaufman’s next film is a time-thrilling thriller about a woman who goes to visit her lover’s parents during a snowstorm and thinks about the past of those around her. The film is an adaptation of a novel by Ian Reid, but it clearly echoes the deceptive explorations of memory that Kauffman (who wrote Endless sun) Is often interested in diving. The film comes out on 4 September.


I liked it simple and serious at first sight ZolaThe film based on the viral Twitter thread (yes, it is based on a Twitter thread!) About two strippers on a road trip who were wildly intoxicated. My colleague Adi Robertson called the film “gorgeous and charming” when it debuted at Sundance. There is no fixed date when it will come out.

Raised by wolves

Ridley Scott is working on a sci-fi series for HBO Max, and it looks like a weird mashup of distant technology and fantasy ideas. The show is about an android planted to raise human children on a new planet, where things inevitably go bad. The show debuts on 3 September.

Small ax

Steve McQueen, director of 12 years a Slave, Is working on an anthropological tower about the stories of the West Indian community of London between the 1960s and 1980s. This is a look at one of five films focused on a group of black activists arrested in 1970 against police harassment. The series is expected to feature Amazon and BBC One.


Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix series is a prequel of sorts. Flew over a cuckoo’s nestThe nurse focused on the nurse. Sarah Paulson works in a quiet, seemingly ready-to-snap snap race at a Technicolor hospital. It departs on 18 September.


HBO has an upcoming documentary series about NXIVM, an alleged self-help group that is allegedly an abusive cult and pyramid scheme. Comes from behind the filmmakers in the series Intersection. It debuts on August 23

we are who we are

Here director Luca Guadagnino has the first real look of the new HBO series Call me by your name. It is about two American teenagers growing up in Italy, and includes the sunny settings and sexual awkwardness you want from a Guadagino show. It debuts on 14 September.