New survey: 46 percent of Bay Area residents plan to move


A new survey shows that more than half of Bay Area residents think the region is going in the wrong direction, so many plan to leave the Bay Area. Not even the beauty of the region is enough for people to want to stay. 46 percent of respondents say they plan to move in the next few years. The high cost of housing is the number one reason.

"You kill yourself trying to pay for housing and then you leave because it's just ridiculous, right? So, I think it sounds good," said Ben Imadal of San Francisco. .

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"Cost and value do not match for some of us, especially if we do not have comfortable jobs that pay for an arm and a leg" , said the DJ resident of South Bay.

In addition to the high cost of housing, voters mentioned traffic and homelessness as other reasons to leave the Bay Area. Popular destinations on the move include Texas, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.

Would you leave the Bay Area? The survey says that 46% of Bay Area residents say yes. In fact, they plan to leave in the coming years. Reasons: high cost of housing, traffic and lack of housing.

– Lilian Kim (@ liliankim7) June 4, 2018

The Bay Area Council conducted the survey, which according to them is a great call from Attention. The defense organization hopes that state legislation to expand the housing supply will help, as well as Regional Measure 3, which if approved by voters on Tuesday, will inject $ 4.5 billion for transportation projects.

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"We are seeing many well-paying jobs, which is great news, but the high costs of housing and traffic make it difficult for low income and media stay here, "said Rufus Jeffris, spokesman for the Bay Area Council.

These are the harsh realities of living in the Bay Area.

"We're making it work for now, I'm crossing my fingers, but it's hard," said Jack Hickox of San Francisco. "Almost all of my daughter's friends and their parents are gone"

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