New Surface Details Increase Android’s Impact on Microsoft

Updated on 27 July. Article originally posted on 26 July.

With increased buzz and details surrounding the initial launch of Microsoft’s Surface Duo, the Redmond-based company takes the word forward with its work on Android.

July 26 update: Continuing its integration into the Android ecosystem, Microsoft’s latest build of the Surface Duo emulator includes not only support for dual-screen apps for the Surface Duo SDK, but also Android Jetpack WindowManager, which is now Supports dual-screen devices such as Surface Duo. Darren Allen reports:

“… Google recently updated its Jetpack WindowManager to support dual-screen and foldable devices, and so Microsoft brought it in with the Surface Duo emulator preview 2020.710.3.

“This means that instead of using the Surface Duo SDK to build its apps for Microsoft’s dual-screen device, developers can use the Foldables Jetpack library instead (although right now, it’s still in preview state Is). Microsoft promises that it will support developers. On both of these routes. “

In short, Microsoft is making sure that Android developers will be able to use the devices they are familiar with. This should mean that Duo’s apps will have a better chance of using the unique features of Microsoft’s device.

The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first major hardware release that runs on Google’s Android operating system. The dual-screen mobile device is radical in its own way, but going with a dual-screen plus hinge instead of a single foldable screen, the Duo is practical as well as reliable.

As with any other mainstream Android device using the same form factor, Microsoft is not only working on dual screen compatibility for its own apps, but also on open source parts of Android OS. The latest Microsoft job listings show that the effort is in progress, as noted by Windows Latest:

“Microsoft is now looking for a ‘Senior Software Development Engineer’ to work on the Android app and ecosystem for the Surface Duo. The job listing says that employees are working with the current team and creating and building new Android apps Screen experience of the Surface Duo.

“Microsoft is also working on a” software roadmap “to follow the evolution of the Android ecosystem and to advance new mobile innovations and technologies. In addition, engineers need to optimize the app experience across the stack and other Android S.W. There is a need to collaborate with engineering teams. “

You can read the complete job list here.

Naturally the Surface Duo is going to be supported for the next few years, with Microsoft working on at least the next two versions of Android. Anything I am preparing for the “build and build” of the job specification will be specific to the Surface Duo.

Microsoft already has a significant number of Android (and iOS) apps that talk to its cloud – this is certainly possible for a ‘Microsoft phone’ MacGyver on any Android device. No, it’s more about making sure that the surface remains on the edge of the Duo cutting.

It is clear that the Duo is not a concept device, it is going to have a long and fruitful life and Microsoft has plans for its development.

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