New study suggests that coronovirus immunity persists for years’

An exciting new study conducted by many people Leading laboratories, Including La Jolla Institute of Immunology, found that most people who have recovered from coronovirus infection within the last eight months have sufficient immune cells to fight severe immunity, new York Times Report.

While it is still unclear how long immunity can last, or whether it can prevent transmission (although it is certainly plausible), the new study alleviated experts’ concerns of short-term safety based on studies That indicate a decline in antibodies. Antibodies are, after all, just one aspect of the body’s complex immune system, and new studies indicated that other factors, such as T cells, showed only a slight decay several months before infection, whereas B cells, which are new antibodies as needed Production, in fact the number increased in most participants.

New findings, Times The notes appear with another recent discovery from SARS, which was also caused by a coronavirus, yet carries important immune cells 17 years after infection. And while there are cases of revision, they seem rare, per Times.

“It is not unreasonable yet to think that these immune memory components will last for years,” said Deepa Bhattacharya, an immunologist at the University of Arizona. Times. This may be another layer of good news on the vaccine front, as vaccination usually provides better, long-lasting protection from natural infections. If this is true in the case of COVID-19, then people theoretically Have to avoid An annual booster shot. but do study more new York Times.

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