New sanctions imposed on Ibiza of Spain after outbreak of contagion

MADRID (Reuters) – Regional officials in the Balearic Islands have decided to impose new restrictions on the city of Ibiza’s tourism hotspot on Wednesday, as coronovirus infectious spread quickly in the past weeks.

Restrictions on residents’ activities will last for 15 days.

The measures include a ban on parties of more than five people, the closure of playgrounds and the closure of bars and restaurants at 10 pm, regional officials said in a statement.

He also recommends that people stay home for all but unavoidable activities, without a mandatory imprisonment.

The infectious rate in the city of Ibiza, known for its night life that attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year, is three times higher than the rest of the Balearic Islands in the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Madrid region and the Spanish government continued to fight over whether and how to extend a partial lockdown that applied to more areas in some poor districts of the capital city.

Reporting by Inti Landauro; Editing by Ingrid Malander


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