New ‘Resident Evil Village’ concept art traces the origins of Lady Dimitrescu and her family

It’s about that moment for you Resident Evil Village fix. Fortunately, IGN has something for you in the form of new concept art for the next Survival Horror song.

In addition to TownArt director Tomonori Takano sharing some concept pieces, also spoke once again about Lady Dimitrescu. To add to his previous reveal about his height, Takano has revealed that the imposing vampire’s shoe size is 44cm (17.3 inches), which is almost double the average shoe size for women. Takano designed Lady Dimitrescu’s shoes based on an actual pair of high heels, which he scanned and then digitally resized to match Dimitrescu’s height.

And yes, he provided a photo of the shoes.

In addition to the shoes, Takano also talks about the villain’s origins (in addition to the Morticia Addams / Elizabeth Báthory information above), saying that the team initially had Resident Evil 7Mia “and made her wear a dress and a hat” in her first tryouts. “I thought this would be enough to give her a ghostly quality, but we couldn’t make her feel scared. So we decided to make the character model much bigger. That was the beginning of Lady Dimitrescu. “

From there, Takano and director Morimasa Sato began to develop the idea of ​​creating a castle environment for Dimitrescu, which was originally populated entirely by women. “The original concept was a castle populated only by women,” recalls Sato. “We tried a lot of different things to make the countess scary and feel like a boss character. There were also ideas to make her more creature-like, but in the end we felt that an imposing woman was the simplest but most powerful thing we could do. “

To see the rest of the interview, you can click on the link above. Resident Evil Village arrives May 7 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC via Steam and Stadia.

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