New polls have Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 5 points in Texas and 6 points in Florida

New polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in Texas and Florida as coronavirus breaks out in both states

  • New Dallas Morning News poll gives Biden a 5-point lead in Texas
  • CBS polls show Biden leading by 6 in Florida but tied for Texas
  • Texas is a conservative state that generally votes Republican
  • Closed race in Arizona

New polls released Sunday showed former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden had leads on President Donald Trump in Texas and Florida, both states that Donald Trump led in 2016.

A Dallas Morning News shows Biden leading Trump 46 to 41, with 14 percent undecided. The two men were tied at 43-43 in the same poll in April.

CBS launched a series of state polls on Sunday, including one showing a 46-42 Biden lead in Florida, a critical state on the battlefield.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in a Texas poll and crawls from one point to another

The CBS / YouGov poll in Texas has Trump leading 46 to 45, within the margin of error. In Arizona, they are tied at 46 percent. Trump won Arizona by less than 2 percentage points in 2016.

All three states are experiencing a spike in the coronavirus and are helping to drive a resurgence of infections.

Florida reported an impressive 15,000 infections in a single day on Sunday, breaking its own record in a state where Trump is expected to deliver his speech at the convention next month.

The state’s 270,000 now rank higher than either Spain or France, in a state that made an early push to reopen.

Arizona, where Trump held a campaign event at a megachurch last month, is experiencing its own surge, in a state where immigration remains a major problem.

Biden leads Trump in new polls in Texas and Florida, while following Trump by just one percentage point in a

President Trump follows Joe Biden nationally and in several key battlefield states

President Trump follows Joe Biden nationally and in several key battlefield states

US coronavirus deaths have exceeded 130,000

US coronavirus deaths have exceeded 130,000

An award that Democrats have coveted for years but have resisted investing resources, Texas has experienced equipment shortages amid a coronavirus hotspot in Houston.

Hospitalizations in the state exceeded 10,000 on Friday.

Both campaigns are also looking at Georgia, where Trump led Biden 48-45, just a three-point lead in a heavily Republican state.

The silver lining to Trump in the poll group is that Biden remains below the critical 50 percent mark.