New papers say black holes can be as large as a large galaxy

Galaxy size

Step aside, supermassive black holes – Scientists say that black holes can have the shape of an entire galaxy.

“Super black holes go up to about 100 billion solar masses,” said London astronomer Bernard Carr, who works on new research, quoting Queen Mary University. “If we consider SLAB to be larger than this, then its scope should be at least equal to the size of the solar system (about one hundredth of a light year). Dynamic arguments state that the maximum mass for SLAB in our universe is 100 billion billion solar. Mass, whose size is comparable to that of the Milky Way. “

Slab mice

These cosmic monsters, called “massive black holes”, can overcome the upper constraints on size and mass that limit supermassive black holes according to new research and colleagues published in the journal. Monthly notice of the Royal Astronomical Society. These SLABs, even accounting for their incredible density, may be larger than the entire solar system and perhaps the size of the Milky Galaxy.

The key to research is the idea that SLABs could have formed in space during the early days of the universe, rather than like supermassive black holes that would grow at the center of the galaxy by feasting on stars. Because they form differently, SLABs will not be constrained by the same size limitations as supermassive black holes.

Seeking answers

If these theoretical SLABs are real, they could help scientists unravel the mysteries of dark matter, the invisible matter thought to make up most of the mass in the universe, Carr reported in a press release. If they exist in interstellar space, then SLAB and other primordial black holes may account for much of the unexplained matter of the universe.

However, as Carr warns of Futurism, “We do not know if an SLAB exists.”

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