New page on Trump era, new Israeli envoy arrives in Washington

Israel’s new ambassador to the US, Gilead Erdan, began his tenure in Washington, DC on Thursday with the inauguration of President Biden.

He replaces Ambassador Ron Dermer, who held the post for seven-and-a-half years, and who helped turn the Trump administration’s theatricality into American policy toward Israel and the Middle East.

Erdan, who has played the dual roles of Israeli ambassador to the US and the United Nations, said he is committed to working with the Biden administration to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.

“I am entering my position as Israel’s ambassador as the world’s most important country and Israel’s most important ally,” Erdan said in a statement.

He said, “Under my leadership, Israel will continue to work closely with the United States and cooperate with the new administration on its agenda to defeat coronaviruses and combat climate change. This is a topic that is very much in my heart is close.”

Erdan is a member of the second ranking of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin (BB) NetanyahmoreLikud’s political party, and his position in Washington, are seen as a direct extension of Netanyahu.

Irdan is expected to present his credentials for Biden, a traditional ceremony for the upcoming diplomat, but which will certainly be different in the era of COVID-19. According to the Israeli embassy, ​​the meeting date has not yet been set.

He will be an important voice as the Biden administration works towards engaging Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions in an effort to roll back the 2015 Iran nuclear deal aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring capabilities to build nuclear weapons. Does.

Netanyahu opposed the deal, opposing the US, arguing that the deal was not enough to disrupt Tehran’s nuclear ambitions as a potential threat to Israel, and the former observed President TrumpDonald Trumpclinton, Bush, Obama Demonstrate Biden’s Peaceful Transition of Power on Inauguration Day, brothers from Arizona Republican say he is ‘at least partially to blame’ for Capitol violence Biden freezes on Trump gives. Over 4 billion in funds.Back out of the deal in 2018.

For Biden, Israel’s opposition to entangling the US with Iran would be marred by significant ties with Yusuf Al Otiba in Washington, the United Arab Emirates envoy and Bahrain’s ambassador to the US, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Khalifa. Under the pact is known by the Trump administration as the Abraham Pact.

Al Otiba developed a close relationship with Dermer while he was the Israeli envoy in Washington.

And both the UAE and Bahrain have talked about their hopes of being inducted by the Biden administration on discussions to strangle Iran over disrupting its nuclear program.

While Biden has long expressed strong support for Israel, saying that America’s commitment to its security is “ironclad”, his administration is expected to review several drastic policy changes under the Trump administration , A move that is likely to attract opposition to Israel.

This includes the Biden administration’s commitment to reintegrate with the Palestinians, who hope the president resumes the United Nations Relief and Construction Agency, the primary aid program for Palestinian refugees, that Trump cut U.S. aid for 2018 She did it.

Israel welcomed the move at the time and criticized the agency for maintaining the status of Palestinian refugees from the Israel-Arab War of 1948 and including their dead as beneficiaries of the refugee status.

Another important step by the Trump administration, which was welcomed by Israel, was the former foreign minister Mike pompeoMike PompeoBiden states, USAID, taps career civil servants for acting positions on UN China sanctions and more than two dozen US figures call Pompeo ‘doomsday’ after China’s Pompeo treated ‘genocide’.The decision to recognize Israeli settlements in the West Bank as part of Israel, a major reversal of US policy.

Most global communities consider settlements illegal under international law. In addition, Pompeo OK-ed US investment in settlements – which was previously blocked – and allowed for export to the US from Israeli settlements in the West Bank, was labeled as “Made in Israel”.

Other key issues include how the Biden administration made a concerted effort to exert pressure on Israel through political boycott, division and sanctions movement, political, cultural and economic boycott on its policies towards Palestinians.

Pompeo issued a directive to the State Department to label the movement as antagonistic and directed the agency to draft a list of non-governmental organizations supporting the movement, prohibiting it from receiving State Department funding will be given.

Congress has bipartisan opposition to boycotts, splits, and sanctions, but Democratic lawmakers are divided on the implications of legislating against the movement over concerns of First Amendment rights violations.

Antony blinkAntony Blinksennet confirmed Biden’s chief, he was given the first cabinet officer to step up to prevent US exodus from World Health Organization, Biden appoints career civil servants to acting positions in the state, USAID, UN is, Named for Bedan’s secretary of state, said Tuesday during a Senate confirmation hearing that he and the president are “totally opposed” to the movement and that “Israel has been unfairly and unfairly singled out.” It promotes a double standard and a standard. Not applicable in other countries. “

But Blinken also said he respects the First Amendment rights of Americans “for saying what they believe and think.”

Blinken also said during his confirmation hearing that the Biden administration would keep the US embassy in Jerusalem. Trump moved the embassy from Tel Aviv in 2018, which Israeli officials celebrated as legitimate recognition of Jerusalem as the country’s undivided capital.

Most international communities with ties to Israel maintain their diplomatic missions in Tel Aviv, believing that Jerusalem’s eventual status should only be determined through extensive negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, the future Palestinians in the city Let’s hope to establish a state capital. .


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