New Orleans, the only city competing for Super Bowl 2024 at NFL owners’ meetings on Wednesday –

New Orleans, the only city competing for Super Bowl 2024 at NFL owners’ meetings on Wednesday

ATLANTA – New Orleans could once again be home to the Super Bowl on Wednesday afternoon (May 23).

That's when the city contingent, led by the New Orleans Saints and the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, submit a proposal to the owners of the NFL team to host the 2024 Super Bowl (58), Cicero said.

New Orleans will be the sole suitor for the 2024 Super Bowl at meetings of league owners, making their chances of landing the NFL's coronation highly probable event. It is expected that the vote of the other 31 teams will occur soon after the presentation of the city.

It would be 11 th time that the city would host the Super Bowl and the eighth time at the Dome. The other three games took place in the original Tulane stadium. New Orleans organized the game for the last time in 2013, when Baltimore beat San Francisco in Super Bowl 47 on February 3, 2013 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The city won that offer on May 19, 2009.

Super Bowl 2024 would take place on February 4, falling right in the middle of the Mardi Gras season, much like the 2013 Super Bowl. Two weeks Main features of the Carnival season will likely be divided when Fat Tuesday falls on February 13, 2024.

Phoenix / Glendale will be the sole bidder for the 2023 Super Bowl (57) to be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium .

The league changed the bidding process late last year to allow the NFL to approach a particular city for a particular Super Bowl. The NFL approached New Orleans and all participating parties went to work for the past seven months.

But if there is only one city bidding, then New Orleans should have guaranteed the game, as some national media have predicted, right? 19659002] Jay Cicero, president and CEO of the Greater Greater Orleans Sports Foundation, said nothing has been taken for granted with the city's proposal. Especially since the city lost during the last two voting processes for the Super Bowls 2018 and 2019.

Cicero pointed to a framed cover of The Times-Picayune of May 20, 2009 with the headline reading in capital letters, "NO SCORES "SUPER BOWL 2013." This is the last time the rest of the NFL owners accepted the city's proposal to organize a Super Bowl.

"I hope we can hang another one of these very soon," he said, looking around. The window of his Bucktown office dominates Lake Pontchartrain, but he added several times during the interview: "It's not a done deal."

The owner of the Saints, Gayle Benson, and President Dennis Lauscha They will present the proposal to the rest of the NFL team owners on Wednesday morning at the league meetings, they will only have 10 minutes to present the case of the city, which is five minutes less than what was allowed with the old process. o.

The elaborate boxes of offers once sent to each owner of the NFL before the vote are also a thing of the past. New Orleans dominated the art of the offers box, which provided a presentation about a month before a vote.

Now the rest of the league will not be macerated anywhere in the offer until the morning of the vote. The package of group offers must be almost perfect, and the speakers of the offer must attach the presentation.

"The challenges are that you are pushing against them," Cicero said. "It sounds a little easier than it really is, at the beginning you're thinking: & # 39; We have this & # 39 ;. And then, as you go through the process and submit your offer for each item and each section of the offer , you get comments (from the league) but the owners are the ones who make the final decision. " [19659002] Cicero said that the bids folder that will be delivered to the other 31 team owners spans about 200 pages with meticulously detailed proposals curated by Cicero, GNOSF vice president Sam Joffray and a band of others.

"It can be offered) to New Orleans, and yet it's a give and take," Cicero said. "Knowing the product and knowing what they're looking for and talking to them about the realities of New Orleans versus other cities helps us stay on top of our game."

Cicero said the group has spoken with the NFL almost every week since the opportunity to bid in Super Bowl 2024 was presented with the dialogue of both sides to make the best possible offer.

Cicero resolved the bidding process using, in his words, these parameters: "What are you asking for?" Can we deliver it? How much? Is that competitive? If we can not deliver it, can we provide something comparable? If we can not deliver and we can not offer something comparable, we can say & # 39; no & # 39; And what is the risk badociated with that? If we can not say "no", where are we inventing it elsewhere? "

Cicero and his team, along with members of the Saints, do not want to leave anything to chance with the Super Bowl offer of 2024 despite being the lone suitor.

But why the hand of the NFL selected New Orleans for either of the two Super Bowls offers at these owner meetings?

"We lost two Super Bowl deals in the last four years," Cicero said. "I think the league recognizes that New Orleans is a very valuable partner and one of the most valuable Super Bowl partners they could have. Our offers were very competitive in those two years. We lost before the new stadium cities.

Brett Favre holds a score against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI, January 26, 1997, at the Louisiana Superdome. Scott Threlkeld, | The Times-Picayune File

"The first time it was a shock, the second time it was not so much because we knew what the case would be, when your best client, the NFL, asks you to make an offer, it does not tell you. # 39; No, we always hope that going through those processes would lead to a dividend at some point.This new process of being an invitation to a single city certainly did.There are probably between 10 and 15 cities that want to host.

"Returning to New Orleans and giving us this opportunity is not something we take lightly."

New Orleans was once the absolute favorite to host any Super Bowl The city won its first 10 Super Bowl bids since the game began in 1967. Their fortunes changed with the recent presentation of several new stadiums in the league.

Minneapolis bothered New Orleans in May 2015 when the capital of Minnesota captured the bet on Super Bowl 52 played on 4th of February ro of 2018 at the US Bank Stadium. The loss to Minnesota clearly spelled the uphill battle for New Orleans to win a Super Bowl offer if it faced any city with a new stadium.

New Orleans suffered the same fate in May 2016 league owner meetings when the 2019 Super Bowl (53) went to Atlanta and its new Mercedes-Benz stadium. The harshly renovated Hard Rock Stadium in Miami took the Super Bowl 2020 and Los Angeles won the 2021 game at the same owner meetings.

The construction problems of the Los Angeles stadium led the league to boost the city's Super Bowl until 2022. The league awarded the 2021 game for Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

The Raiders are scheduled to move to a new stadium in Las Vegas in 2020. But the league probably did not want to repeat the mistake it made with Los Angeles by awarding a Super Bowl too early. .

Cicero said that the Sports and Saints Foundation is "united at the hip" in this offer. But the contingent replete with their efforts with the support of the entire city and state.

"It takes a village to put together a winning Super Bowl offer," Cicero said. "I could go on and on, we work closely with the mayor (Latoya) Cantrell, the former mayor (Mitch) Landrieu, the governor (John Bel) Edwards, John Alario and the state legislature, then there is SMG, Louisiana Economic Development, New Orleans and Co., the tourism and marketing corporation, the convention center, the airport.

"All working together to ensure a competitive bid to host one of the largest sporting events in the world."

All this seems to have been – It opened the door for New Orleans to return to the Super Bowl landscape.

"In the last 10 Super Bowls where you won the bids, you are bidding against other cities," said Cicero. your city against the weaknesses of the other cities, you do not have that now, you are really overcoming any weakness you may have in your own city.

"Fortunately there are not many here, but you are really trying to convince a team of professionals who are trying to get the best out of you.

"And then they have a final presentation that Ms. Benson and Dennis Lauscha are going to do and their pbadionate request to return to New Orleans is heard by the owners, Dennis will probably give a little more work, and Mrs. Benson will make the pbadionate appeal.

"And we hope that the combination of that will take us to our record th Super Bowl"

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