New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson attempted car theft

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson succumbed to a car theft attempt last Saturday afternoon, but went unnoticed, Saints spokesman Greg Bensel confirmed.

“I can confirm that there was an incident in Orleans Parish involving Mrs. Benson while she was in her vehicle,” Bensel said in a statement. “When she was very shaken at the time, she was untying and doing fine. She wanted to express her sincere gratitude to the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department who responded so quickly and professionally Granted. We cannot comment on this. An active investigation. ”

The New Orleans Police Department could not identify Benson by name. But it was confirmed that it was investigating an attempted auto theft that occurred on South Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans at approximately 2:13 a.m. local time on October 10. And Bensel confirmed that was the incident in question.

According to the NOPD, the victim was seated in the vehicle when a truck, described as a white Nissan Titan, was parked directly near his vehicle. One of the subjects exited the Nissan Titan and entered the victim’s vehicle. The victim ordered her vehicle to leave. The subject exited the victim’s vehicle, parked the Nissan Titan again and fled the scene.


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