New No.1 WWE Draft pick, big title match confirmed for show (October 9, 2020)

WWE SmackDown has been producing quality content for the past few weeks. Tonight, we will see WWE Draft 2020 kick-off as the Blue brand prepares to host the first day of the event. New fights coming from the end of the old rivalry are being teased, a lot that will be indicated during tonight’s show. Also, there is a historical title likely to come at the end of the reign.

We will also see a popular contract being contested in an unpopular manner. Who knew that WWE superstars could resort to taking legal action instead of fighting their own battles inside the ropes?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the things that may air tonight on SmackDown. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

# 1 WWE Draft 2020 Tonight Kicks Off with SmackDown

Roman Rains was brilliant against Jay Yuso in this match
Roman Rains was brilliant against Jay Yuso in this match

We are finally fully prepared for the much awaited WWE event, Draft 2020. Promotion-wise, this year’s draft will be tonight with an episode of SmackDown. It would make sense to say that the entire WWE Universe is eager to know who will be the No. 1 draft pick this year.

Several reports state that Roman Rains will be the first WWE Superstar to be ready this year. Given the fact that he is the Universal Champion and the hottest unit not only in SmackDown – but the entire WWE – it would be hard to argue otherwise. Also, this is exactly the situation in which WWE always expected Reigns to be and is bound to be planted by the Blue brand.

Returned to WWE at SummerSlam after months of in-ring action against Kovid-19 as a precaution. As he returned to SmackDown, Reigns had his eye on the Universal Championship. He also formed a shocking alliance with Paul Heyman, and eventually ensured a good story to move forward.

After the Reigns won ‘The Fiend’ over Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, they started a feud with Jey Uso. The two cousins ​​turn it against each other and fight to prove their worthiness inside the square, exposing the cruel side of the Reigns in the process. Their rivalry was well received by fans, and both superstars are expected to lock horns once again in the future.

Published 09 October 2020, 21:36 IST