New Mercedes CLS 2018: last details before the launch of this week


The official images of the new Mercedes CLS have been revealed before its official presentation at the Los Angeles Auto Show this year, which will take place from December 1 to 10.

These latest catches of the German brand give us a first glimpse into the interior of the luxury car. The individual image is a close-up of the dials and the central display screen of the new CLS, which appear to be removed from the current E-Clbad saloon. The revolution dial and the speedometer can be seen on the left side of the screen, while on the right side, the mbadage control of the seat is visible with multiple configurations to choose from. The information screen together with the air vents are bathed in a red glow.

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Along with the interior shot, Mercedes also published a dark shot of the front of the new CLS. It gives little, but we can see part of the scheme of red paint of the car and the LED lights in the shape of a boomerang, with a design similar to the stealth bomber B2 Spirit. The frontal shot coincides with the spy shots of the test mules, which we have discovered driving through Europe.

Mercedes CLS reveals a live video:

The most recent spy photos came from Catalonia and differ from the previous photos. These test mules do not carry any kind of camouflage, except for some gray tape on the front and rear bumpers. It is the first time we see the third generation CLS in its natural form in disguise.

The body is painted in a plain white color with a clearly visible sunroof. The gray tape does not do much to hide the new group of headlights, with LED lights in the form of boomerang that accompany the main lamps. The front grille seems to have been lifted from the E-Clbad Coupé, with its dotted formation cleared to see. The elegant four-door coupe shape still remains in the latest photos with small revelations on the back. The Auto Express reader, Martyn Peal, also broke a camouflaged CLS in the United Kingdom, showing the car that undergoes the final evaluation before its market launch in 2018.

The next rival of the Audi A7 Sportback and The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe will make its official debut at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, as announced on the program's website. Another unnamed Mercedes will also be unveiled at the exhibition, which will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

What we do know is that Mercedes will push its lounge style to extremes for the next generation of its four-door coupe CLS: as the company's chief designer revealed it earlier this year . Underneath it will be based on the newly recent E-Clbad and will share the engines and transmissions of the executive model.

The CLS will now be part of an appendix of two vehicles for the E-Clbad line. , focusing on style and luxury. The other car, the production version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, the second model of AMG, will focus on performance.

Speaking at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, Mercedes design director Gorden Wagener told us: "The CLS is for James Bond, and the GT concept is for Jason Bourne, that describes the different approaches to those vehicles.

"The GT Concept is more of a four-door racing car; for me, the CLS is more the elegant car, the design car: the icon of design. The next generation will be even more. It will be a completely reduced car, with an aggressive roofline and dazzling proportions, like a designer's sketch. We thought about how to separate these cars. "

Wagener promised that the CLS will still have space for adults in the back." Head cleaning will stay about the same, "he said. we give it bigger wheels, so we can push them towards the body. The profile of the side window is like the drawing of a designer: very thin. "

Our exclusive images (see gallery) show how the CLS would look in the AMG finish, with the treatment of Panamericana front grid, but Mercedes is so eager to promote the performance attributes of the next AMG GT Concept that it is likely to keep V8 engines out of CLS, and UK models are expected to be offered with four-cylinder diesel engines and engines. diesel and six-cylinder diesel, the AMG variant could use a twin-turbo version of the all-new Mercedes in-line six-cylinder gasoline. The four-door AMG GT, meanwhile, is likely to stay close to the car and be offered in four and five-seater designs, that model will not arrive until 2019.

After its revelation of LA Motor Show, we expect the automobile to Leverage the dealerships sometime in 2018. We may not see a version of Shooting Brake of the new CLS, however, since the sales of the current corpus CLS have been slow.

What do you think about the Mercedes plans for the new CLS? Let us know your thoughts below and for another take of the new CLS, visit our sister site Carbuyer …

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