New limited-time Fortnite mode, Blitz, announced; This is when it begins

The last Fortnite Teams of 20 mode has come to an end, but players will not have to wait long to jump to the next limited time event for Battle Royale. Epic has revealed that the next special mode that will hit the popular free game will be Blitz, and will start on PS4, Xbox One and PC early next week.

As detailed above, the Blitz mode has much shorter match times than usual, which says Epic results in "more intense matches [and] faster". The maximum duration of a game in Blitz mode is 15 minutes, and each one begins with the circle of the storm already close.

To go along with shortened match times, Epic has adjusted the availability of the loot in Blitz mode. In particular, the probability of generating treasure chests and ammunition boxes during a match has increased significantly. In the same way, the interval of generation of Drops of supply and its time of descent has been reduced, while the Botin of floor generates "almost 100% of the time". The collection resources have also doubled, and the resources found in the loot have increased.

Blitz mode starts at Battle Royale on March 19. Epic has not announced an exact end date for the event, but limited time modes typically run for a week. You can find more details about Blitz mode on the official Fortnite website.

After a one-day delay, the Fortnite patch 3.3 is now available on all platforms. Eliminate Battle Royale smoke grenades and introduce a new weapon in its place, remote explosives, which can be detonated from a distance. The update also adds Supply Llamas, a new form of loot that can be found hidden in unusual places.

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