New Lego Super Mario, Master Your Adventure Maker Set Coming in January

Lego is expanding its line of Super Mario-themed lines with seven new sets coming in January 2021, Nintendo and The Lego Group announced Tuesday.

The Lego Super Mario line was announced in March and launched in August. It has an electronic Super Mario that reacts to various bricks. When combined, various placets allow children and adults alike to recreate their favorite levels, while a smartphone app monitors the dots and provides building instructions. While the original line consisted of four biomes (water, fire, sand, and grass), this new line connects the soda forest, representing poison with its violet color.

Seven new sets in all were announced on Tuesday. The centerpiece is called the Master Your Adventure Maker Set, which Lego describes as a “creative toolbox”.

Picture: Lego / Nintendo

“Using the customization machine included in the Creator Set,” Lego continued, “Kids can change how Lego Mario reacts to three special bricks, offering variety in drama, an element of excitement and surprise. The Maker Set Also introduces a new special start pipe that will change the known rules of level play, challenging players to reach the goal pole in a shorter time, yet with increased rewards for graves. Maker Set 366 Comes with pieces, all are chosen to ensure that the children can highlight their creativity or adapt their own level for themselves or other players. ”

The seven new sets include the following:

  • Super Mario Master Your Adventure Maker Set – $ 59.99
  • Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter Expansion Set – $ 19.99
  • Piranha Plant Puzzle Challenge Expansion Set $ ​​29.99
  • Wigler’s Poison Swamp Expansion Set – $ 39.99
  • Super Mario Penguin Mario Power-Up Pack – $ 9.99
  • Super Mario Tanuki Mario Power-Up Pack – $ 9.99
  • Character Pack, Series 2 – $ 4.99

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