New Larimer County COVID-19 Health Order Limits Collecting, Sports, Liquor Sales – Loveland Reporter-Herald

After a week in which 364 new cases of COVID-19 were added to the ongoing count of Larim County, and 4.7% of tests tested positive in the past two weeks, Larimer County issued an emergency public health order that ran until 11 p.m. Gets implemented. Friday.

The order imposes new limits on recreation and league sports and individual indoor and outdoor ceremonies, closes the sale of alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars at 11 pm and remote working options to all non-government office-based businesses and Promotes to increase and decrease in-person work. As much as possible.

Announcing the order, Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson said in the statement, “It is important that we wear masks and maintain social balance and follow these protocols so that our businesses are open and individuals learning in our schools Keep it up. ” Larimer County website.

“These guidelines have worked before, and if we all pitch in and work on it together, they will work again and we’ll get through it,” Johnson said.

Loveland Mayor Jackie Marsh and Fort Collins Mayor Wade Trossel also encouraged citizens to do all they can to bring down the case number.

The changes come in response to trends that county health officials said they are watching.

“A contact-tracing investigation by the Larimer County Health Department has revealed that many people who tested positive for COVID-19 have attended private ceremonies where they were inadvertently contagious to others or directly with COIDID-19 Were in contact with someone, ”said a clarification county website.

The new order does not limit individual gatherings to more than 10 people from two separate homes.

It limits recreational sports for players who live in Larimer County and neighboring counties of Weld and Boulder, and organized recreational and league games are limited to two spectators per player with no more than 50% capacity in indoor facilities. Up to 100 spectators and 175 in outdoor facilities.

This includes entertaining and leagues to present the entire roster, schedule, location of the game / practice and contact information (with name, phone number and email address) of all team members or parents of youth who participate first. All teams and facilities participating in the Games are required. Teams play in any league events including practice.

Health officials said these changes are because Larimer County has seen an increase in cases related to recreational sports and the difficulty of inter-governmental contact involving large tournaments and events bringing players from outside the county.

He said the liquor sales limit is an effective move in other jurisdictions, and the increasing number of outbreaks across the county, many of which relate to places of employment, prompted calls for more remote work.

“We need to implement these targeted strategies to avoid further restrictions on our schools, businesses and places of worship, while reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in Larimer County, thus a potential boom on the disease and medical system To reduce, ”Director Tom Gonzales said in the statement on the county website.

Gonzales said, “I know we are all tired of this and the epidemic is exhausting, but we can’t disappoint our guards yet.” “I have no doubt that we will rally again and reduce the transmission like we did in May and July.”

As of Friday, Larimer County has a two-week incidence rate of 193 cases per 100,000 population, and a two-week test positivity rate of 4.7%, both significantly higher than September 16, when the incidence rate was 74 per 100,000. Population, and test positivity rate was 2.4%.

Health officials said COVID-19 hospitals in Larimer County have risen to levels that have not been seen since May 19.

The county is currently secured at Home Level 1 of the Dial Framework of Colorado. An increase in cases could lead to Level 2, which would trigger new restrictions, including the capacity of offices, businesses, restaurants and houses of worship, group games, gyms and bars, and some outdoor activities.

Larimer County added 31 people to its current tally of COVID-19 cases on Friday, bringing the count to 3,627 since March.

All were confirmed with a COVID-19 swab test.

There was no change in the number of suspected cases on Friday, at 491, while the number of deaths was 55 and there were 69 outbreaks.

Of the new cases, 21 were residents of Fort Collins, four Loveland; Berthoud and Wellington had two each and Leon and Timnath had one each.

Four children were among the 31 cases, an 11-year-old Loveland boy and a 3-3, 9- and 13-year-old girl from Fortins.

The oldest person affected was a 75-year-old man from Berthoud.

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