New Kovid-19 Surge Sweeps Across Latin America –

New Kovid-19 Surge Sweeps Across Latin America

Mexico City has ordered nonfamily businesses closing for the holiday season, as a rebound in Kovid-19 cases puts hospitals at risk. Brazil recorded a record rate of new infections in recent times, with the death of Kovid-19, the second most official after the US. Some 100% positivity rates are being observed in parts of Peru.

Latin America, with more deaths per capita during the epidemic than any other region, suffers from a second surge of Kovid-19, ending a period of several months where cases and deaths have declined. Growth is particularly rapid in the region’s two largest countries, Mexico and Brazil.

On the first day after September Thursday, 1,000 people died in Brazil and on Wednesday and Thursday, the country recorded about 70,000 new daily infections. In Mexico, the daily death toll has risen from about 320 in mid-October to around 600.

This week, the mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Shinbaum, said, “We need to stop contagious disease immediately.” Health officials ordered the closure of unprofessional businesses such as restaurants and shopping malls in the capital and surrounding municipalities, home to some 22 million people, from Saturday to January 10.

Dainik confirms Kovid-19’s death, seven-day average

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE

The daily confirmed Kovid-19 cases, seven-day rolling average

Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE

Cases are increasing rapidly in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile and even in Uruguay and Paraguay, two nations that survived relatively epidemics.

Uruguay, which had only 10 daily new infections at the end of September, has so far registered more than 500 in the past week. President Luis Lacleau Pau said the country would close its borders to visitors during the holiday season and limit congestion and some public transport. “The second wave of the world is our first wave,” he said.

Paraguay has posted about 1,200 new cases a day in December, compared to 150 in August, which officials say is dominated by hospitals in already poor, landless nations. Health Minister Julio Majolany said the country was entering “a new, very difficult phase of the epidemic”.

The cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere is partly to blame for the upsurge in cases in Mexico to induce more people. But the more important factor across the region appears to be fatigue with social-eliminating measures. In Brazil, people are growing on the beach and at parties during the summer of the Southern Hemisphere.

“People have completely lowered their guard – they’re planning parties, traveling, and they’ll pay the price for it,” said Elisu Waldman, an epidemiologist at the University of Sao Paulo.

The Kovid-19 victim was buried in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.


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Latin America, with 8% of the world’s population, accounted for nearly a third of global Kovid-19 deaths. Brazil has recorded more than 184,000 deaths, which is more than 312,000 of the US.

The true toll from the epidemic – including those who died from Kovid-19, but were not included in the official tolls of the countries – is much higher. The three countries with the highest death rate this year – the number of deaths compared to previous years – are all in Latin America: Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

What do you know about Kovid-19

In a drastic change of tone from previous months, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obredor has urged Mexicans to stay home for the next 10 days as the Christmas celebration approaches. His government is running to help the capital to increase hospital capacity.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, public hospitals in Mexico City had 80% occupancy compared to Thursday, the highest rate of the epidemic.

“I heard that the beds are running out, so we decided to come. But it seems to be too late, “Adela Rayon, 42, brings her father of 70 years, Alfredo, one of the largest in Latin America, to the General of the Hospital of Mexico City Went, but was abandoned. He shed tears as he spoke.

Many health workers are preparing for what they say will be the saddest Christmas ever. “It seems like a never ending nightmare,” said Javier Hernández, an emergency physician at Hospital 72 of Mexico’s National Health Service.

The mayor of Cali, Colombia, where 90% of hospital beds are occupied, implemented a “red alert” order this week, including a curfew and ban on the sale of alcohol from 11am to 5pm

The Port and Tourism Hub of Cartagena, Colombia has banned sailors from getting off their ships, banned sunbathing or swimming on its Caribbean beaches and closed all nightclubs until mid-January.

Health workers collected the Kovid-19 tests on Friday in a national park on the Pacific coast of Colombia.


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Claudia Lopez, the mayor of Bogotá, is requesting citizens to stay virtual this year with her family. “If you’re thinking of a family reunion, let it be just your nuclear family,” she said.

City officials said that in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kovid-19 public hospitals have a 92% capacity for intensive care. Brazil’s seven-day average — a seven-day average on Thursday — is still below the peak of 1,097 at the end of July, with cases and deaths climbing, according to our world data.

While many countries in the region have ordered vaccines, an extensive vaccination campaign is several months away. In some countries such as Mexico, most people are not expected to be vaccinated by the end of 2021 or by early 2022.

Many younger Brazilians, after months of imprisonment and were confident that they would not end up in hospital beds, were being stripped of government guidelines and going back to bars and parties. While cities have tried to impose new restrictions, establishments have been banned from serving liquor in São Paulo after 8pm, many times breaking these rules after barely escaping bankruptcy during these lockouts. Has gone.

“People don’t give a damn” anymore, said Chi Yen Chang, a 33-year-old student from São Paulo who said that 12 of his friends in their 20s and 30s said they would take a trip to Rio on New Year’s Eve. Were planning While the city has canceled official events, partygo on social media are organizing their own celebrations.

In Peru, another country plagued by epidemics, the focal point for new infections right now is Piura, a northern coastal state with popular beach resorts, which usually attract tourists during the holidays. According to state government data, the positivity of Kovid-19 tests in some municipalities is close to 100%, partly due to limited testing.

Emergency Room Physician Dr. Walter Cruz said the intensive care unit at Piura’s Cayetano Heredia Hospital, which collided with Peru in March, was once again replenished. “There’s a significant fluctuation, we’re really at the beginning of a second wave,” he said.

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