New Jersey police say someone shot at the home of 2 police officers, their newborn

New Jersey officials are searching for at least three suspects who allegedly shot at the home of two police officers on Tuesday while their newborn baby was inside.

Camden County officers’ home was hit six times at about 11:45 p.m. Their 10-day-old baby was inside, police said on Thursday. Police Chief Joe Wysocki said during a news conference, seven shell casings were found outside the residence.

“It hurts … I have 400 officers. Everyone is hurt at this point,” Vasokei said, according to Tap Into Camden. There is a lot of concern. We see what is going on around the country. There are great residents here in the city. I am not going to do that. [the shooters] Change what is happening here in Camden. “

Officers in Camden, New Jersey believe those who opened fire with two police officers on Tuesday and their newborn child fled in a Honda Odyssey.
(Camden County Police Department)

No one was injured in the attack. Officials – who have been on the force for four years and two years respectively, are on medical and family leave, Wysocki said.

On Thursday, investigators recovered a temporary odyssey with a Honda odyssey that they believe was used by the suspects.

They are pleading for help from the public and giving them a reward of $ 20,000.

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“I want to send a clear message to the rogue thugs behind this senseless act. According to WCAU-TV, we’re coming to pick you up, “Camden County Freeholder Louis Capelli said.

“You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you believe that you can run with these crimes under the guise of some unfortunate acts that may occur in other parts of the nation or under some national movement, then you are wrong. Are, “he said. “You will be prosecuted and you will spend as much time in prison as you can possibly meet because you are both where you are].”