New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy senior staff member to quarantine after testing positive for COVID

Blackwood, New Jersey – New Jersey Government. Phil Murphy abruptly dropped an incident on Wednesday, in which he announced that he was going into quarantine, found that a member of his staff had tested positive for COVID-19.”A member of the governor’s senior staff recently tested positive for COVID-19. According to the guidance of public health officials, the person is currently staying at home. We have contacted the contact tracing process to notify all people. Who can come in contact with our colleague. During the possible transition window, “Communications Director Mahen Gunaratne said in a statement.

Murphy, a Democrat, was speaking at a workforce development program, whose office was held with the Democratic Rep. Donald Norcross at Camden County College tested positive when he said he had just learned.Related: ‘We Should Be Careful’: Government Discourages Holiday Celebrations As New Jersey COVID Cases Increase

“By an abundance of caution and in line with the highest levels of commitment to protecting public health, the Governor and the First Lady will cancel their individual events and voluntarily separate through the end of the weekend, and each will carry additional They resume the engagement of anyone before the COVID-19 test. The governor received a coronovirus test on Monday as part of his regularly scheduled test regime, which came negative. This afternoon, the governor and the first The woman was also tested, who came back. Negative, “the statement said.

The 63-year-old governor said he had no symptoms and tested negative on Monday.

“I will now unfortunately take myself off the field,” he said. “I can tell President Trump not to come to Bedminster and lay the foundation stone.

Murphy was speaking at President Donald Trump’s New Jersey, Golf Club fundraising earlier this month, which occurred hours before the president tested positive for the virus. Murphy previously called the incident irresponsible.

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Murphy said Monday’s negative test probably did not rule out that the virus had become infected over the weekend due to the incubation period.

Murphy did not reveal who was in contact or what the context of their meeting was.

Murphy began the program by taking off his mask and the participants agreed to take him off while speaking on the mic. When he returned to announce that he would quarantine, he put on a mask.

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The first-governor’s departure from this incident came as a surprise.

Labor Commissioner Rob Asaro-Angelo said Murphy thanked the attendees and walked away. “Governor, I hope you are well.”

There have been more than 222,000 positive cases and 14,438 deaths in New Jersey. The state’s daily coronavirus figures have doubled in the past one month, state officials said earlier this week.

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