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New impulse in the UN to put an end to Syria’s chemical weapons after the strikes

Diplomats of the UN shared a new resolution with CNN, led by France and backed by the United States. UU And the United Kingdom, calling for an independent investigation into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria that precipitated the cruise missile attacks unleashed by the Western Allies on Friday.

The renewed pressure for a diplomatic solution backed by the UN comes after a volatile emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, convened by Moscow on Saturday, with Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, condemning the joint US strikes international law

Nebenzia said Friday's missile attacks aimed at facilities associated with the Syrian regime's chemical weapons program had been a "blow to the political agreement" in the divided Middle East nation.

The retreat led by Russia against strikes, although limited to words, comes in days of creating pressure and talking in UN circles about a possible new Cold War.

The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, urged all members of the Security Council to show restraint, as ambassador of the United States. UU Nikki Haley told the meeting that Washington remains "blocked and charged" to respond to any future Syrian chemical attack.

Outside the UN, protests against strikes took place around the world on Saturday, even in major US cities. UU., Mexico, Greece and the United Kingdom.

While some of the protesters came out in support of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, many others opposed the use of military action by Western powers against Syria.

New chemical weapons resolution

Researchers from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) arrived in Syria on Saturday to begin their investigation into the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma

The team met with Syrian authorities in Damascus at 7 pm local time on Saturday, according to Syrian ambassador to the UN Bashar Jaafari.

  American officials trust that the chlorine and sarin used in Syria attack

It was the alleged attack It was the chemical that led the Western Allies to order the missile attacks, which fell directly at the feet of the Syrian regime.

Senior US officials said on Saturday they were so confident about the chlorine and sarin gas they used in the attack. Both the Syrian and Russian governments have denied Damascus participation in the attack.

The new resolution presented by France to the Security Council would allow the OPCW investigators to report their findings to the UN within a new timetable.

A The Security Council diplomat told CNN that there was no rush to vote on the draft resolution, but serious negotiations will be attempted.

The resolution would also allow a review by a third party of Douma's humanitarian evacuations and medical evacuations without conditions.

On Saturday, the Syrian army announced on state television that it had resumed Eastern Ghouta, including the city of Douma, from rebels. A military official said that "all terrorists have left Douma".

Earlier on Saturday, a Russian resolution in the UN Security Council condemning the strikes led by the United States was rejected, winning the support of only two other members, China and Bolivia.

Ambassador Nebenzia described the failure of the resolution as "a sad day for the world."

& # 39; Mission accomplished & # 39 ;?

The battle inside the Security Council took place when the president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave a triumphant tone in the wake of the attacks on Saturday.

In a tweet, he said: "An attack perfectly executed last night, thanks to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their excellent military officers, I could not have had a better result." Mission accomplished! " [19659002] The American general Joseph Dunford, president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA. The United States said at a press conference on Saturday that the attacks would delay Syria's chemical weapons capability for years.

  US Weapons UU., United Kingdom and France used to aim at Syria

He described the attack as "precise, overwhelming and effective", stating that they had attacked a scientific research center and two facilities of chemical weapons storage on Friday.

The satellite photos obtained by CNN of the areas affected by the American, British and French attacks showed extensive damage of 105 missiles fired at the facilities.

But Russian and Syrian authorities have questioned the Pentagon's assessment, saying that the vast majority of incoming missiles were shot down by the country's military.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that only seven missiles had reached two Syrian military airfields and that "no serious damage was inflicted on the infrastructure".

Syrian state television said three civilians were injured in Homs as a result of the strikes.

Pr essure builds

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Theresa May sought to strengthen international support for strikes, convening the leaders of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada, according to a Downing Street release.

"All the leaders agreed with the Prime Minister on the importance of restoring the international standard that the use of chemical weapons is never acceptable," said the Downing Street statement.

But while May received the support of other leaders, he is expected to face questions in the British Parliament on Monday about the strike, which was launched without permission from the country's legislature.

"The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is accountable to Parliament, not to the whims of a President of the United States, the action was legally questionable and this morning the UN Secretary-General has said so much," said the leader of the United Nations. the British opposition Jeremy Corbyn in a letter to Saturday in May.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan spoke by telephone on Saturday about the attacks, according to Turkish state media.

Turkey, a member of NATO, has embarked on enhanced defense cooperation with Moscow, following an agreement that will make Russia supply Ankara with state-of-the-art ultra-modern S-400 missile batteries.

While Erdogan emphasized the need to reduce tensions, Putin reiterated that Western nations had "grossly" violated the UN statute and international law, according to Russian state media TASS.

Ray Sánchez and Laura Smith-Spark of CNN contributed to this report.


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