New horizons come to life in this incredible fan animation

A lovely morning for isabel

Animal cross And creativity has always gone out of hand, as the Nintendo social sim consistently brings out the best in its community of artists, musicians, model makers, and designers. Case in point: it’s just Grand Fan animation, independently produced by Chilean animator and Animal cross Fan Gabriel Salas.

Designed as a fake teaser trailer for a fantasy Animal cross The TV series, the short video, is the result of hours of laborious work for Salas and his team, and everyone’s favorite hard-working doggo, Isabel, watches for a day at the Resident Services Office – Dusting, Plant-Care , Complete with and a dependable cup of Joe.

Sala notes that their beautiful, exquisitely staged animation combines the animator’s love for both Animal cross Franchise and Japanese stop-motion series Rilakkuma & Kaoru, Currently available to stream on Netflix. Salas’ attention to detail in the film is astonishing, and Isabel’s joy-filled aspect is completely infectious. Salas and his production team – including animator Jaime Mora and composer Jeremy Neroes There are bags of talent, obviously. Here’s hoping that we see more delightful videos of them in the future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available on the Nintendo Switch.


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