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The renowned company, SpaceX, is working on a helium tank that would be used for the launches along with the astronauts. The company is working on the design of this tank so that it can become completely safe for astronauts. During the first days of this month, the company SpaceX had presented the presentation of the Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket, which was an improved version. But unfortunately, that mission could not succeed for the configuration of the crew. The National Aeronautical Space Agency (NASA) said the mission must be impeccable so that it can transport astronauts safely.

The SpaceX company has been designing, manufacturing and launching spacecraft and satellites since its inception in 2002. It has contributed significantly in the transformation of space technology from time to time.

The innovative Falcon 9 helium tank is expected to fly for the first time in the last months of this year. It is considered that the new helium tank contains helium bottles. These

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