New Halo Infinite details have divided Xbox fans

One metric ton of Infinite halo Details have been revealed, some of which have Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC gamers excited, but some of which have players looking forward to the new one. aura I play less excited. As for the details themselves, which are presented in a new Q&A with the developers at 343 Industries, they range from the game to the story, with some of them new, while others are updates to pre-existing information. .

One of the new details is that there will be a day and night cycle in the game, as well as a weather system that includes things like windstorms, but not rainstorms or blizzards, although 343 Industries teases that this could. occur in the future. Linked to this, the enemies you will encounter and how they will behave will change depending on the time of day.

Complementing this will be wildlife, although at this time there is no hostile wildlife. And, of course, the wildlife will vary according to the different biomes. According to 343 Industries, the “Pacific Northwest” is the main biome, but sub-biomes will add different environments like swamps and war-torn areas.

That said, exploration of these areas will be partially limited because it is not a true open world game. However, the missions allow multiple approaches due to the open world design. And to this end, you can go off track and explore different content and secondary goals. The main story is the main story and must be completed in order, but there is freedom between these missions.

Other details include no dual wield words, no playable Elites, audio logs, the ability to remove Zeta Halo stuff, random encounters, bases / outposts, and dynamic scenes that react and change based on time of day, weather, and what weapons are you holding.

Lastly, players can only have one piece of gear in multiplayer. Also, once you use it, it disappears. However, there are plans to allow players to modify this through custom games.

Overall, these are all the featured details shared. However, for more details, click here. That said, and as noted, players are divided on these details, at least on Reddit. For example, one of the main comments is about being excited to be able to remove Zeta Halo. However, another important comment expressed disappointment at the lack of biomes and climatic variants. And of course, while many of the details above are exciting, many of the conclusions thus far have been the lack of playable and dual-wielding Elites.

Infinite halo It will be released worldwide later this year via Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.


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